Monday, October 6, 2008

showered with love...

Maelyn was only six days old...but yesterday was her baby shower. When Broni planned the shower and sent out invitations it was thought the baby would be several weeks old...but she arrived just in time for her first big party.

And what a party it was! Heidi and Maelyn were showered with love...and gifts galore. Maelyn will be going out in style for the first many beautiful outfits.

And of course she will be reading Elmer's first counting book...and thinking of Grandpa!

Ryder was off at the park with Daddy for most of the afternoon...but came home to give cousin Maelyn a little lovin'.

Maelyn was in good company however...five of her little friends came to the shower! They are lined up left-right...oldest to youngest and all within three months of age. How special is that?

And no shower is complete without games. Only at a baby shower is it appropriate to have a speed drinking contest from super-sized baby bottles (there are plenty of those to be found around a dairy farm)! The bottle theme extended to the buffet table...

...where milk for the coffee was served in a bottle.

Thanks to Broni for putting on a lovely buffet! I brought the carriage cake...made following a recipe from the Canadian Living magazine. I have posted the recipe here if you are interested.

One week ago we waited for her arrival...yesterday we showered her with love. Welcome home, Maelyn!


  1. Oh such fun! The story book with Grampa's name is a keeper. The games looked like a riot. Broni, you are a great party planner and Judy your cake a big winner once again. Heidi continues to glow and has every reason to do so.

    Good to see Heidi and Maelyn again.

  2. Broni did a wonderful job hosting this fun party. The decorations, the cake, the games...all look like so much fun.

    What a cute photo of all the new babes. I see that Maelyn's going to have a lot of playmates. Fun, too, to see Ryder giving her a sweet kiss. He's a little charmer, that boy.

    Heidi looks fantastic. I'm keeping her tucked in my prayers for an ongoing speedy return to life as normal, if life is ever "normal" again after children. It isn't, but we don't have to tell her that just now. LOL!

  3. Wonderful party and nice pic of all the cute babies!

  4. OH .. I just want to reach out and take. . I mean hold Maelyn. . she is a sweetie. The baby shower looks moolicious. . so fun, Oh the cake is beautiful, I can't wait to go see how you made it.
    I love the pictures of the little ones lined up. We did one like that after the lil' farm hand was born at his shower . . .he was the littlest one too. .and the first one to walk. Funny how they grow so fast.

  5. What a wonderful time you all had, with such delicious things to eat! Those babies are just gorgeous!

  6. Denims at 6 days old! Amazed they can make them that small.

    We do not have baby showers in England.

  7. Such a wonderful and fun celebration of a special new little lady.

    That cake is adorable.

  8. What a wonderful baby shower! I loved the babies all lined up. So cute! You are very talented to have made such a pretty cake. The table with all the gorgeous food looks incredible.

    Boiled peanuts are a fall/winter thing. They boil the peanuts in their shell and they are very tasty. Maybe it's a southern thing I will have to check on it. Anyway they are addictive and yummy.

  9. Oh what a beautiful spread and the cake is fantastic. Baby showers....such a good time.

  10. I wanted to thank you for the cake but I left the shower before finding you. It was honestly one of the most delicious cakes I have ever eaten!

  11. Judy, it looks like so much fun and I love that quilt full of babies...just precious! So thankful that Maelyn is doing so well!

  12. What a wonderful shower...
    There's always room for new ideas...
    I loved the nipple bottles.
    Maelyn looks so cute in those jeans.
    Great photos of Heidi. You must be so proud.

  13. Congratulations Judy! My daughter-in-law's sister and Mom is giving her a baby shower before the baby is born at the end of this month as they wanted to do it before the cold weatehr and snow comes to Denver where my son and daughter-in-law live. We can't wait to go out and see them!

    Maelyn is adorable! Love those cute little feet. What a sweet photo of her with all her friends :-)

    Your cake looks so pretty & festive!
    Hugs, Pat


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson