Tuesday, October 7, 2008

picture this

Bloggers love their cameras...and never leave home without them!

I've had my trusty Canon for three years...I know how to use it (at least the auto functions), and I like it! Besides, I usually keep my things until they are long outdated...so I definitely wasn't even thinking about the next model. But circumstances changed earlier this summer...and my camera has been working on borrowed time.

We spent Father's Day weekend at my sister's cabin at Shuswap Lake. We had a wonderful time...and had a film memory card full of lovely pic's by the time we left for home. As we packed for home, everything went into the trunk except the camera...which I put in my purse to take with me. We drove half an hour before we needed to make a quick picture stop...I grabbed my purse and discovered there was no camera in it. Oh, oh! I vaguely recalled my purse hooking onto the door as I got into the car...maybe it fell out. So we turned around and made the trek back to the cabin. As we pulled into the yard I saw my beloved camera lying among the pine needles on the driveway...with tire marks right over it. I immediately tried it...the lens was stuck shut, the viewfinder was broken, and things looked a little out of whack. After a good cleaning...I discovered it still took fine pictures. Thankfully it was silver-toned...so the duct tape that held the battery cover in place was barely visible. But after limping along with my 'good old faithful' for months...

...a nice man from UPS brought me a new camera the other day.

It's still in the box...but one of these days I'll switch to my upgrade. I shouldn't have too difficult a time learning how to use it...since it's basically the same camera that I have, with a few new features. How can you tell I'm not that big on change? Here was my opportunity to get something different...and I go for the familiar...the tried and true. And my favorite part was shopping from home on a Saturday night...I found the best price on-line, placed my order, and wasted no time running around.

So when the photo-op's come my way, I have an arsenal of Canon on the ready! It's not exactly picture pretty weather out there today. We are having winds and rain...and wondering whether our last field of corn is still standing this morning.

Enjoy the day!


  1. This is so great! I am so helpless when it comes to cameras. when i started blogging i didnt own one, and my girlfriend had a 2.0 power shot she wanted to get rid of so I bought it for $50. I love that I can jsut point and click and that's it! I have the manual, but dont understand anything I read in it! I just get by, I guess, but for now, that's all I need. It would be great to take a class - if someone would just show me I'd be set! HAHA!!

  2. Get that thing out of the box today! Start right in. You're going to have such fun, Judy, such great fun! Don't be like the Israelites settling for the desert when they could've had the Promised Land! :D

    It must've been a heartbreaking moment, though, to have seen your precious camera lying there in the dirt. Sigh.

  3. Time to move on..love the look of that new camera, Judy. Enjoy!
    Amazing that the old camera survived..

  4. Need help? I love taking trinkets out of the box and giving them a whirl. I must confess though, I have been browsing at "thin" cameras and also only wanted to look at Cannon's since that is what I already have and dont' really enjoy learning new devices. . .that much.
    Have fun.

  5. Looks like something new to play with. In our family, it's my husband who keeps trying to improve things..
    I'm the last.Keep it simple.
    But I can sure vouch that you needed a new camera.

  6. Oh I can so understand you Judy. I love to hang on to my old camera...even though I know it has enough 'baking' remnants (what...your kitchen doesn't turn upside down when you bake?!!!) and cooking steam on it to gum up the 'controls'....I sure need a new one!

  7. Hi Judy

    Thanks so much for your nice comments while I was away celebrating my anniversary! I appreciated them, and your friendship so much!

    Congratulatiosn on your new camera! I have a Canon Sure Shot too, but an older model. I'm like you -- I stick with something until it breaks or wears out, but it seems as if your camera was ready for the upgrade, so enjoy it!

    Hugs, Pat

  8. I know the feeling of dealing with a new camera,
    bought myself a new one this summer... (a Canon G9, was it a want or a need???) altho had abit of buyer's remorse for the first day or 2... but now I love it and have embraced it with both hands... that is, when the kids aren't using it!!! (that was NOT the plan!)
    Congrats and enjoy... when you take it out of the box!!!


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