Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meanwhile...back at the farm

There's been plenty of action around the farm these past few days...the corn harvest is underway. All those beautiful fields of cattle corn are being chopped up...cob, stalk and all...for corn silage.

With yields of well over twenty ton per acre, there are a lot of trucks hauling corn on the country roads these days.

It's in times like these that we call on retired truck drivers...or truck drivers who have a day off...or anyone who drives truck that wants a free come give us a hand. How nice to have friends!

We (I use the term loosely!) started cutting in a field a mile south of the farm, where the bear have been harvesting for the past few weeks. Normally there is not much of anything left in the field once the harvester has passed through...

...but in the areas where the bear have been feasting, there are large sections of flattened corn.

As of now, their buffet has been moved to the bunker silo...

...and they will have to look elsewhere for their ready supply of corn.

And speaking of free lunch...meals on wheels arrives right on schedule...and the guys have a fall picnic in the field. They can't quite finish off the apple cake...

...but they gave it their best effort. (I posted the recipe here if you are interested.)

The corn harvest continues today...and one day soon we hope to have all the corn in the bunker.

And after all is said and done...there's enough corn on the pile to keep the cows happy until next year's harvest!

Thanks to all of you for your messages of congratulations on the arrival of our precious granddaughter. She is doing is her momma...and they will be discharged from the hospital today.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Ohhhh, Judy! You must save some of those wonderful tops for a wreath, don't you think? Just gather them in bunches and tie them to a frame. I thought of tying them on to a rope for the front door, but I can't find enough of them. They're selling the stalks for $5 a bundle and I want mine for free. :D Guess you might spare me a few if I could get to BC!

    Do you take the boys lunch every day?

  2. Vee...come help yourself! I need to look into your wreath idea.

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little grand daughter! Thanks for the apple cake recipe. Looks perfect for my corn harvesting crew today. Laurie

  4. Oh Terry wishes he could come and help for a day.. .a change is as good as a rest. . .but alas. . .him and the hens will spend the day together.
    I just love your new header. . .I guess its October and I best look for a new one too.
    As usual your blog oozes family warmth.
    Enjoy that new baby girl .. surely you'll be popping in to see her.

  5. Thanks for the pics and story. Here in Ohio we are still a few weeks away from "harvest time". The Apple cake makes my mouth water...will have to try the recipe...thanks.
    Dr M

  6. I've been waiting for your corn pictures. What a wonderful drying season for you.
    I can just picture you bringing coffee out to the field.
    You even provide lawn chairs.
    We just sit on the back of the truck.

  7. there is something so serene and calm about your post for me today.....meals to the fields, men working together for a common goal, all is well with the family and God is good....wonderful

  8. Judy, I've just caught up with the baby news!! So thankful to hear you now have your little girl.

    And I'm going to try your delicious recipe too.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson