Friday, October 17, 2008

reason to celebrate...

We're celebrating a sixty-fifth birthday this weekend...the birthday of a sister-in-law who would prefer to pass on the hoopla and parties...and keep the occasion a secret!

Nellie was born in 1943...the third daughter in my hubby's family. She was six when Elmer came along...and was a doting older sister.

There are photos of Nellie pushing her baby brother around in a stroller...

...and proof that she tried to teach him to play piano. Maybe she was not cut out to be a teacher...or maybe he was not much of a student! This we know...he does not play piano, despite her best efforts. She, on the other hand, was able to make those keys sing...and played for choirs and quartets for many years.

Nellie prefers the quiet life...reading, knitting, bird-watching and travelling. She has a most generous heart...and is forever gifting family and friends with her handmade sweaters, slippers and hats. My grandkids loved their hoodies, handknit by great-aunt Nellie...and my daughter has commissioned her to knit 'grandma slippers'...just like the ones grandma used to make.

Tomorrow we are meeting for breakfast to honour Nellie on her sixty-fifth birthday!

There won't be any fireworks, roasts or entertainment...just family gathered to wish her a very happy milestone birthday. Nellie...may you have your cake and eat it too!

PS Do we eat cake at breakfast? That somehow seems wrong!


  1. It sounds as if it will be a very sweet celebration. Who needs fireworks? Happy Birthday to your dear sister-in-law!

  2. Happy Birthday to Nellie!
    Nah..I see nothing wrong with having cake at breakfast, I remember eating leftover pie for breakfast so go ahead..enjoy!! hehe

  3. Have a great time together Judy. Aren't milestones fun? We will be celebrating tomorrow evening as well for a 50th birthday, my hubby's! There is always pancakes for breakfast; perhaps a 65 layer?

  4. How about coffee cake? Actually, I believe it is good to have cake whenever your heart desires.

    Happy birthday to Nellie. I know you will all have a wonderful time.

  5. Happy 65th to your sil and I pray that all will be blessed in the celebrating! I love your Granny walk pix also. What asdorable kiddies! FUN!FUN!FUN!

  6. Happy birthday, Nellie! I've seen her over the years at a wedding or two but the way I really remember Nellie is playing piano when we sang in the church choir. May God bless her with a wonderful day and a healthy year!

  7. How wonderful to celebrate a milestone birthday for Nellie. And, Bill Cosby always said cake was a breakfast food. Enjoy!

    Judy, I enjoy your blog so much that I honored you today at my blog. Please stop by. ~Kathy

  8. Judy . .I know Nellie through church. . .and yes she is a lovely lady. Always smiling . ..
    Wish her a very happy birthday from us. . .it is such a small world. . I forgot she would be your sis in law.
    It would be perfectly suitable to have cake .. besides by the time you have had breakfast and visited for a bit. . .it will be coffee time and cake is suitable anytime after 9 in the morning.

  9. Congratulations to Nellie.

    By the way Judy, I just ate pie for breakfast this week. My daughter delivered it bright and early at 7:00am.
    Enjoy dessert any time!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Nellie! Just keep on keeping on, you know it's what keeps us young in heart and soul...

  11. Definitely cake at breakfast!!!! A true treat for a wonderful birthday!! Happy Birthday Nellie!!

    kari & kijsa

  12. Another connection! Nellie and her family attended CH church when we were attending there. My maiden name is the same as her married name and so people often asked me if we were related, but I had to say no. She played piano for my Dad on accoation. She is such a friendly gal. Happy Birthday to you Nellie. Cake...of course...any time of day or night...with lots of frosting! Kathy PS those hand knit gifts are the best!

  13. A lovely tribute! But, it's not a secret anymore...

    I just noticed your blog list and how a photo appears for each one...that's very cool. I haven't gotten that updated yet on my blog.

  14. I hope Nellie had a very happy birthday! I'm sure she enjoyed having her extended family celebrating it with her!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson