Wednesday, October 29, 2008

to smoke...or not to smoke

I'm in favour! When the pile of branches...and wood scraps...and twine...and other burnable farm trash, becomes quite an eye-sore...

...I say 'light up'! Now that may have been a simple matter in days gone by...not so anymore. We may be farming, but happen to live in what is now a very urban area...and people aren't all that thrilled with smoke production in their neighbourhood. There is a total burning ban in our area for most of the year. However, for those who live on a farm...and wish to fork out the $25 for a burning air burning is permitted during October and November...providing the air quality index is good.

So today was the day...and our eye-sore went up in smoke! I was actually quite thankful for that smokey smell...since there were other far more unpleasant odours being produced in and about the farmyard today. The pits need to be emptied before winter...what can I say!

I spent my day preparing for the winter season as well...washing and storing patio furniture, cleaning windows, and retiring my patio planters for the season. It was absolutely gorgeous out..too warm to suspect that winter is around the corner!

I took many grape breaks...gotta love those sweet grapes at this time of the year.

And the raspberries have no clue that summer is over...they are still producing a bountiful harvest.

As the sun was sinking in the west...I noticed our fire over at the barn was still a-smoking. I'm sure there's a good reason we can't burn year-round...but I'm glad they are still allowing us to smoke a wee bit!

May you have a wonderful (& smokefree) day!


  1. choke, cough cough, i can spell it from the praries,
    what, you still have raspberries!
    sometimes life just isn't fair :(
    have a great day and make something delish with those berries and post it..ok.

  2. Berries and grapes..makes my mouth water just thinking about them!
    Enjoy your day Judy!

  3. That last one is a gorgeous photo! (not that the others aren't)

  4. Such gorgeous photos Judy! Oh, I wish winter was just around the corner here! It's still in the high 80's/low 90's here. *sigh* I'm longing for the cooler temps!

  5. It must smell so good. I remember when people would burn their leaf piles when I was little, and the smell was such an autumn scent. It's been banned for many years, and now the city asks us to collect the leaves in big brown paper bags so they can be recycled into compost which they give away in spring for free! It's a great idea! They also mulch used Christmas trees.

    I can't believe you still have raspberries! Frost has killed my bushes. You grapes look so bountiful! Time to harvest them for jelly.

    Enjoy your nice weather while it lasts!

  6. Judy, it is so lovely where you live. My uncle grew grapes, and I miss having some each autumn. And, how fantastic that you still have raspberries! They are my favorite berry.

    We can't burn here either, but I think some of the people that live outside the city still do anyway.

  7. I am all about a nice autumn smoking fire in the back yard . .especially if the fire is clean enough for me to mosey out with a weiner on a stick.
    Terry usually waits "whenever" for a really cloudy day and fires up the clippings and so on. I really don't mind the smoke now and then as long as it doesnt' ruin a picture op day.
    So, out there taking photos of the emtying of the pit?
    Oh. . .and about the corn, we had another city slicker style question, do you store that the same way you store the silage?

    Oh and your berries and grapes are amazing.

  8. Sounds like your place is all tidied up for the winter. You have a beautiful location and place. Your berries and grapes are amazing! Kathy

  9. Hi Judy!
    We choose to smoke in these parts.
    We aren't suppose to burn trash, but we burn wood. Lots of it. This fall we had wood burning furnace put in to get our home off oil. I love the smell of the wood burning.. it is thick adn warm. Probably NOT the way your pile smelled! :)
    Lovely images,

  10. There's nothing like good, clean woodsmoke. I love it! Course there was the day that my neighbors put their vinyl siding in their fire and sat around roasting hot dogs over it. One has to worry about such folks...not the sharpest tools in the shed.

    Your pictures are fantastic (as always). I think my favorite is of the grapes just because it's a little bit different from those you usually take.

    Enjoy those raspberries!


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