Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving...turkeys and geese

It's Thanksgiving Day here in Canada...a day which began as a celebration for a successful harvest. The date changed several times over the years...but on January 31st, 1957 it was proclaimed by parliament that the second Monday of October would be "a day of general thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed". Now that is special! And for those of us who still live on a is so much more meaningful. The last of our annual harvest came home this weekend...the crops were good and we are done harvesting for the year.

Today we are having a Thanksgiving dinner here...with those who mean the most to me. We'll be eating all our traditional favorite foods...and we'll be sharing around the table things for which we are thankful...and we'll be singing together "Praise God from whom all blessings flow".

We have enjoyed beautiful weather these last days...and yesterday we took advantage of the balmy afternoon temperatures and visited Cheam Lake Wetlands Park...which is a ten minute drive from our place.

Cheam Lake Wetlands became a park in 1990 and is popular for hikes...

...picnics, and bird watching. The 93 hectare park has been restored to it's origins as a lake...after being mined for marl limestone deposits since the early 1900's. The park is comprised of lake, marsh and forest and is home to many bird species.

The geese were hooting and honking as they frolicked in the water...and enjoyed the late afternoon sun. We had the park mostly to ourselves...while others were at home enjoying their turkeys, we had a most pleasant time surrounded by ducks and geese.

Cheam Wetlands Park...a beautiful and serene secret in a community that is known as "The Great Outside" for good reason!

And now I'm off to look after that turkey...and all the fixin's. May you all have a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving!


  1. Hi Judy, What beautiful photos of a lovely spot to walk. Last time I was there, with my DIL, it started snowing, so hard that it became slippery and we had to turn back. Happy Thanksgiving. Dairymary

  2. We are celebrating Thanksgiving today as well. All of our family will be together..woohoo!
    Now I too must get to the preparations..
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Beautiful, autumnal photos...

    How wonderful that you sing the Doxology at your Thanksgiving table. I'll try to incorporate that on my own.

    I was tempted to "join" you in some small way...a roasted chicken with all the trimmings, but we're going to be eating our haddock leftovers instead. We will be especially thinking of Canada today, though.


  4. Your pictures are beautiful. I hope you and your loved ones have a lovely day. I can just smell all of that wonderful food. Happy Thanksgiving Judy!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Pat (and all your Canadian readers!) Lovely scenery to look at while that turkey does it's thing!

  6. oh Judy .. . your pictures of the wetlands are gorgeous. . .another place I've yet to visit.
    Oh I hope you have a wonderful time together today . .what a joy to serve your family.
    Thank you for the history of Thanksgiving day .. .I learned something new.

  7. What a gorgeous walk you took yesterday! Wonderful. I really must do some touring in my own 'neighbourhood' ....I've never been there!

    Have a wonderful day today Judy. Take care.... although we celebrated yesterday leftovers were the order of the day and I am once again stuffed! The bones are a simmering in a huge soup pot for turkey soup which will keep us toasty warm and healthy for weeks to come when I pop it into individual serving freezing containers! Take care and again, Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I've been thinking of my Canadian friends today. I hope you enjoyed this day set aside for sharing and celebrating your blessings.

    You honor God every day.

  9. I pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The pictures look so pretty. It seems like all the area around you guys look so beautiful. The Lord is so good!

  10. Beautiful photos of such a gorgeous park!

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
    Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with your family, Judy!

    Any leftovers? :-)

  11. Happy Thanksgiving!

    What breath taking beauty and interesting tour. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world!

  12. Amen! So much to be thankful for, even in the midst of the economic problems and everything else.

    I just spent a few minutes catching up on your A new grandbaby, and your daughter is doing better thanks to good medical care, and a new camera too, and a great harvest. Blessings everywhere!

    And you live in a beautiful country too. Thanks you for sharing all these good things with the rest of's encouraging and uplifting.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Judy!
    It sounds like yours was a lovely one with family and perfect weather too. We had our Thanksgiving on Saturday because that was the best time for us all to be together.

    Our weather was wonderful too. We have wetlands close to our place also...about 10 minutes.

    Come by and visit my blog sometime when you have some time. I will be back to read more too.

    Have a lovely rest of the evening.
    Judi (from Ontario)

  14. It was wonderful visiting the park and wetlands with you Judy.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson