Wednesday, October 22, 2008

birthday fun at the old spaghetti factory...

Ringing in Heidi's Big-30 called for a family celebration...

...and it was decided we would take the whole gang for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I remember when the original 'Old Spaghetti Factory' opened in the Gastown area of Vancouver way back when. It was situated in an old warehouse filled with antiques...and served fresh pasta in a unique environment. There are now thirteen restaurants across Canada...with the newest one opening last year in Abbotsford. That's just a hop, skip and jump away...and it's a non-fast food restaurant that the grandkids actually enjoy!

It was a good, informal family time. Maelyn enjoyed her serving from the infant menu...while we dined on fresh bread, salads and pasta entrees...

...ending the meal with Heidi's favorite dessert in lieu of birthday cake. Danish Cream Squares and spumoni ice-cream aren't usually served together...but it worked for us! (I posted the recipe on the MGCC recipe blog...if you are interested.)

The staff served up their best rendition of their Happy Birthday song for Heidi...

...and Ryder and Ranen sang many more verses when they were done. The party was over and we made our way back to the parking lot...the grandkids were singing and marching!

Next thing we knew...they were all in the back of Uncle Tim's pick-up...putting on a performance. Could it be...they all had a little too much coke? Dinner out with kids can be a bit of a zoo...but they have so much fun, we wouldn't have had it any other way. And I'm sure all of the other patrons were quite enthralled with my grandchildren!

And so ended Heidi's thirtieth birthday! We forgot to mark the exact minute of the momentous occasion...that would have been 6:31 pm. I'm sure Heidi expected a few presents for her birthday (although she knew she already had the best gift of all in her arms)....what she hadn't expected was a gift for Maelyn yesterday...

....and was quite delighted with these cute little onesies!

I went to the mailbox in the morning...and beneath the usual stack of bills was a package from France. I can't say I've ever received any mail from France before! What a pleasant surprise to find such a lovely gift from my blogging friend Elizabeth of Frenchvillagelife...a gift for my new granddaughter. Heidi was delighted...and is thinking she may need to go on a buying trip to France. Her Lellow customers would be delighted to be able to purchase this line locally! Thanks so much, Elizabeth...from myself, Heidi & Maelyn.

I am always blown away by the kindness of all the many bloggers I have met over this past year. It's just been a wonderful experience! Today I'd like to welcome a new blogger to the club...who can be found at Sharon by the Sea. She comes to us from 'down under'...and happens to be the MIL to my niece. So pop over to Australia and leave her a comment on her very first post.

Enjoy your day...

PS It looks like I uploaded my pic's in a smaller format today...they should click to enlarge, if you don't want to run for the bi-focals!


  1. Too much coke! Ha! They sure do look animated.

    Heidi looks marvelous and my goodness the baby Maelyn sure is growing fast!

    Glad that you had such a good time.

    What a wonderful gift all the way from France!

  2. How exciting to find a gift from France in your mailbox!
    Family b'days are such fun times to be together!

  3. running out the door. . but oh it looks like fun. I still like the spaghetti factory too.

  4. What a wonderful day to walk. I've actually been walking everyday only with a stroller in my hands.

    Birthdays and celebrations are meant to be held at the Spagetti Factory.
    What better place.

  5. hey i went to the spaghetti factory for my b-day too.
    looks like you had a lot of fun.

  6. Such a sweet little gift for Maelyn. I must say i just love to shop for baby gifts, and the girl gifts are just so much fun to get. I'm in the learning stages of buying for little boys. I find that I have to think and look alot harder, but I have found some really cute and fun stuff. (at Lellow too) I think Spagetti Factory is calling my name. Kathy

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter-in-law!!! LOVE the speghetti factory. Well...being the "Italian gal" that I am...I can eat pasta every day!!

    Wishing you a good day my friend!


  8. The Spagetti Factory - now that sounds different to a Brit.
    Happy Birthday to Heidi.

  9. What a happy birthday celebration for Heidi, and she holds the very best gift in her arms! She and her husband make a lovely couple.

    That was so very nice of your blog friend in France! The little onsies look wonderful.

    The grands all look like they had fun!

    Be back Monday!

  10. Ohh.. sounds like a perfect celebration !
    I remember the first Old Spagetti Factory in Vancouver! I never could figure out why peopel would stand in line for two hours to eat spagetti !

  11. I've been there! Years ago though.
    I'm so glad the baby things arrived safely and that Heidi liked them. French baby clothes are just lovely.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson