Friday, October 3, 2008

chance of a lifetime...

The road to 2010 is getting shorter...and today is the day the golden tickets become available. We are hosting the 2010 Olympic Games right here in our back yard...and I'm planning to be there. I would love to be part of the opening and closing take in an event or two. It's a chance of a lifetime and I'm off to fill out an application at the official VANOC website.

Vancouver is the Host City of the 2010 Winter Games. It is surrounded by spectacular natural beauty and is a wonderful city to visit whatever the season....for whatever reason.

I can't promise you snow when you come......but here's your chance to visit Vancouver, so why not come and join us?

And at Whistler and Blackcomb mountains...the inukshuk have been greeting visitors from around the world for years.

They are a symbol of welcome...inviting you to come see for yourself. Plan to be a part of the 2010 excitement!


  1. I'll be there...
    Just filled out my application and can't wait to be a part of our Canadian Olympics.
    Just imagine sitting at the opening/closing ceremonies.
    Imagine getting involved...
    Tears well up already.

  2. Sounds exciting Judy.. I'll be viewing it on TV!

  3. it would be amazing to see all that in person. we hosted that panamerican games and were able to take some of that in...we'll be viewing it from our family room!!!

  4. What a great opportunity eh? I'm going to start praying for a cold front to come down from the north. . . Your pictures are so beautiful.

  5. I hear that Vancouver IS a beautiful city. My wife and I have always planned to go and may just do that. Beautiful pics. We want to come when the snow is there and the Olympics aren't though. Too many folks for us!!
    Dr M

  6. I love the inukshuk... they do look like they are welcoming everybody with open arms.....

    'fraid I'm with the dr.... too many people for me.... I used to go to Deep Cove many years ago when my aunt lived there.... I think I will just have to remember that....

  7. should truly be a tour guide! would be in business for sure. Yep...will be quite the event!

  8. Just let me know when to be there and I'll pack the truck up with goodies from the South and head on up!

  9. Oh Judy I've been catching up on your blog this evening...

    First, Congratulations on your new grandbaby girl. She's so precious. And the new parents look pretty darn happy I must say. How wonderful for you all. A gift from God.

    How exciting for Vancouver. I've been there once way back in the good old 80's, Expo. A beautiful city.

    I would be there front and center too if I lived that close to this world event. Good for you!

    Love your Fall header btw, stunning photo.

  10. Oh Judy, I love Vancouver! We have spent many happy hours wandering around its little streets, beach fronts, parks....lovely memories.

  11. It is my fond hope to visit Vancouver some wonderful day. It's going to be so exciting for you!

  12. It's very tempting! Vancouver is a beautiful place..I was there once about 20 years ago, briefly. You were having a heat wave at the time...and no air conditioning in the hotel! But we had fun anyway, seeing the sights.

    Also, many congratulations on the new grandbaby! How sweet she looks.

  13. Judy,how's the new grandbaby ? Such a blessed and special time to receive and welcome a new little life into the family, isn't it ?

    Don't you think you should get a cut on your Olympic tickets for the promotion you gave them ?? smile

  14. That is so eciting! I just love all of your pictures.

  15. It looks beautiful up there. I hope you win the golden tickets. I, too, am curious about little baby. What a sweetie!

  16. I do hope to see Vancouver someday, Judy! Hope you get all the Olympic tickets you desire!


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