Friday, October 24, 2008

Pro-D Day

So what exactly is Pro-D Day? In British Columbia, it is a day for the teachers to hone their skills at workshops...while students have the day off school. Yesterday happened to be one of those days...and I had three grands that wanted some skills honed as well.

Workshop #1 was the pumpkin-cookie-on-a-stick session. We baked up a batch of gingersnap cookies on lollipop sticks...

...and they had a fine time decorating them.
It was my chance to try out my new Pampered Chef icing tubes...the perfect way for kids to apply icing without smearing it everywhere.

Workshop #2 was all about improving small motor sills...a jewelry making session. Thanks to Bev's suggestion, they amused themselves for a long while...

...and came up with some wonderful creations. The pop-beads are available at Costco...come in a large jar for a reasonable price...and every Grammy should have some!

And that was Pro-D Day at Camp Grammy's!

They weren't the only ones who came by yesterday...I noticed a stork heron came as well. Was it the pumpkin cookies he was after? Who knows...but hubby is hoping he doesn't make our roof his favorite perch.

Have a fine weekend!


  1. Sure fun to peek in on your kids Pro day. What fun to see the creations you came up with. Never a dull moment at Grammy Judy's house. Thanks for sharing.

    Judy,I am always anxious to open your blog first thing in the morning to see what you have going. It has become an addition. LOL

  2. you are a great grammie...what fun.
    good memories for the kids there boy!
    have fun with the rest of your day.

  3. Move over, grands, I want to join you at Grammy's table. You're one fun grandmother, Judy!

    Oh my gosh about the heron. Wait until I show John that! We have one nesting across the street on the riverbank and I'd hate to think of him changing his mind in favor of the roof. What's Elmer going to do?

    Perhaps John does deserve something yummy for dinner, but he's getting leftover potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee. The end. Case closed. LOL!

  4. What a fun - and very productive - day. Do you think they would share one of the yummy cookies?

  5. I want those pampered chef icing fun things. .. oh they look great.
    Nothing like coveting right off the bat.
    It looks like you had so much fun. . love the pictures of them decorating their pumpkin cookies.
    I love what Vee said. . I was thinking too. . I wish I could be in your kitchen for a day . . .baking with you. Grandmas do the clean up . . .right?

    oh boy .. my husband would definately agree with your husband. . woe to the birds who choose to rest on our barns. .

  6. Sure does look like fun! I remember herons along the ditches and in the "low places". Since when are they sitting on rooftops? Afraid of the bears?

  7. What a fun day. It's amazing how the little one fits in. We've got a wee ways to go. When the little one is in bed, we can accomplish a mountain..
    I feel like I've had Pro D day all week.
    Oh, by the way there is an empty spot in your front yard...
    Any ideas?

  8. What fun they had with you! I wish mine were closer.

  9. Oh Judy, a fun day with the g'kids and I love those pampered chef icing 'squeezers'..what a fast way to ice those cookies esp with Christmas baking coming up!

  10. Judy. You have such a way with words and reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air. Of course, half the time I have to do a week's worth of catch up when I finally get to sitting down. But all the better! Your post on Friday was so wonderful....made me think...hey...I will look forward to those grammie years too! Okay, let's get the teenager into university first! Ha. Wonderful day for you and the son slept his Pro D away...that is a 17 year old for you!

  11. ahh, the kids are SO cute! I used to LOVE decorating cookies as a kid. So many possibilities, not to mention making jewelry!