Thursday, October 23, 2008

autumn front porches...

It seemed for awhile that front porches were a thing of the past...a reminder of a time when neighbours made social calls and screen doors kept flies out of houses. Then came backyard decks aplenty...but hardly a front porch to be seen. I'm happy to report that the front porch seems to have returned!

We went for a drive on Sunday afternoon and noticed many of the new homes have a front porch. One particular subdivision featured mainly heritage style homes...all with front porches. This porched community is known as Garrison Crossing...and was a military training camp a few short years ago. It features vintage homes, large mature trees,back lanes and garages...and gives the feeling of stepping back in time...a place where visitors are always welcome. So I made myself at home with my camera!
I thought I would take a few pic's of porches that were all decked out for fall...but soon realized, that we're not really big into decorating out here! I found a few that reflected the spirit of the season...and I'll share those with you.

My own front porch, looks rather bare as my neighbours, I don't do much decorating for fall.

I tossed most of my garden mums...and will soon be bringing in the wicker furniture. Where did porch season go?

I spent yesterday working outside...enjoying the fall sunshine and getting the garden ready for winter. The day was done before I was...but there's always tomorrow!

I'm sure this house had a front porch as well...but it was the silo that caught my attention. It looks quite lovely with the green vines of summer...but so much more striking on a sunny fall day.

Whether it's on your front porch...or out and about...enjoy the colours of autumn!


  1. I loved all the porch pictures, Judy. And I'm glad that porches are making their way back to our homes. The silo looks gorgeous with those reddish vines..never thought I'd say that a silo looked gorgeous!!

  2. Front porches are wonderful! Now we need people to go back to taking a little time to sit on the porch and talk with their friends and neighbors. And thanks for all the porch pictures! Bev

  3. Judy, your porch and the porches you visited are all so welcoming. I would LOVE a front porch and if we do ever have a different house, that will be one of my priorites.
    Reading books from yesteryear. . .it is always the porch that makes me sigh.

  4. Front porches are absolutely beautiful and I love your porch. It's so inviting.
    But I also love the privacy of my back patio not facing a busy street.

  5. And you have a new comment thingy, too. Did you do anything to get it or did it just show up?

    I LOVE your front porch. I think restraint is the best way to decorate and your decorating is perfect to me. I'd love to have a front porch...but, I'll have to settle for the backyard deck where one, just one, lonely pumpkin sits on the table. ;>

  6. Love the Front Porch, I love to sit out on our front porch with a cuppa and a good book. It could be a little bigger but its a quiet little nook. I think they are starting to make a come back here also.I love your homes over there they are just gorgeous. I will try and get around to posting a photo of my front porch later

  7. Such a clever post. I'm rather amazed by front porches. I guess the years of life in So. Calif. will never leave me; my first thought at seeing furniture and decorations on a front patio is "won't someone steal them?" SLC has lots and lots of front porches, and people sitting on them too. I would feel very vulerable out there, again, my up bringing kicks in. I hope I can shed those imprints and change to thinking of warm welcome on the porch instead.

  8. I love your porch. When I was a little girl I have sweet memories of sitting on our front porch with my parents. They would drink coffee and I felt so safe and loved. I played on the porch. Read on the porch. Ate on the porch. It was such a special place and still is.

  9. i grew up with a front porch and wish that we had one. it is possible, but not quite yet. i love all those pictures. fall is really my favorite time of year


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson