Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tropical and exotic

As the temperature drops...and the season marches on towards winter...we might just need a little touch of the tropics. And since it's not possible for all of us to catch that next plane to Hawaii...

...maybe an orchid would be a good consolation prize!

For years I have been stopping by a local greenhouse to buy roses. For the most part, they are wholesalers of roses for the floral industry...and there's nothing quite like buying them right from the grower. I stopped by there yesterday for a few roses to take to a friend.

But for the past while, they have also been growing orchids...if you want something really special, try Van den Bosch orchids!

For my sister-in-law's birthday, we ordered a green orchid...done up in a tall vase and it looked truly exotic.

We were given a little peek into the sauna-like growing rooms...where the harvest was just beginning. Each individual stem is trained to grow upright...there are tricks to every trade!

I quite like the green orchid...which is all the rage right now. And here's the best part...it will last for six or seven weeks in your home. How special is that?

So if you are looking for something exotic and tropical as the days become shorter and darker...try an orchid. They are lovely!


  1. Wow that is one amazing orchid! And I love the color.
    I got an orchid plant from my daughter and it has bloomed 2 years in a row..can I hope it will do that again?? I sure hope so.

  2. Orchids are the most amazing flowers. I couldn't believe how long mine bloomed. . .it was literally weeks.
    Your choice for your sister in law is perfect for her to remember her special day long after all the balloons have popped.

  3. oh that is one beautiful flower.
    what a nice gift to reciecve for your b-day.
    and it is presented so beautifully as well!

  4. I love orchids, was given one for my birthday two years ago, and it has never stopped flowering! More good luck than good judgement I think.
    Your sister in law will be so happy with the one you have chosen.

  5. I love orchids! They are very special flowers. I just don´t have the patients to have any plants. It takes years for them to bloom. At least over here.

  6. Very pretty flower...so unique. I don't think we have orchid growers here. I bet your sister-in-law is thrilled with her gift.

  7. What a beautiful flower! You always have such interesting posts. Isn't this cool weather wonderful. Bless you.

  8. Oh I'd love a green orchid. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us Judy!

  9. That is a gorgeous orchid and a wonderful gift for your sister-in-law to receive for her birthday! Very lovely!

  10. Orchids are definitely money well spent if you like fresh flowers in the home - cut, and they will last for weeks on end. And of course if you grow them yourself, even longer. I am looking into trying my hand at growing them...we'll see...they can be quite finicky, but so beautiful :)


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