Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's election day in Canada!

We like to do a few things ahead of our American friends.

By the time they get around to celebrating Thanksgiving...
or casting their ballot...
we are preparing for Christmas.

In the last federal election, only six in ten Canadians exercised their right to vote...the lowest turnout in history!

We are so privileged to live in this wonderful country...and with the freedom that we are so blessed to enjoy, comes the duty of participation in the electoral process.

So I urge you to take a few minutes...cast your ballot...and let your vote be counted.

I'm an employee of the government today...working at the polls to ensure all eligible votes are counted!

My election day wordle was created right here...go for a visit and have some fun playing with words!


  1. My vote is in, Judy! I went to the advance poll. I too believe we should all go and cast our vote.
    Those days sitting at the polls on election day are long but I always enjoyed them!
    Christmas?..yep, thinking about that already!

  2. Amazed you have time to be Working at Elections Canada as well Judy. We are doing likewise. Both working in a Mobile Polls, this year, at Care facilities. My husband is my Poll Clerk. We have been issued 250 ballots.

    How is Heidi and our dolly in Pink doing??

    OH Canada we stand on guard for Thee!!

  3. I like your wordle! Hope that election day is a wonderful success both with turnout and with results.

  4. I like your wordle idea Judy. . I've made a few of those too and it's always so intersting to see what comes up. . .
    We opted to vote before Breakfast instead of waiting before lunch .. .then we went to Tim Hortons and had a bagel.
    I agree, it is indeed a privilege we dont' want to take forgranted.

  5. i am off to vote now. i too worked for the elections for a variety of elections. i enjoyed it.
    looks like you had a wonderful day yesterday!

  6. Such a great post- for both Canadians and Americans!
    We have 21 days until ours!! Thank you also for letting us know about the feed! : ) Have a wonderful evening!

    kari & kijsa

  7. It sure was fun working together, talking, working for the government and just working as a team.
    Judy sure knows how to balance the ballots. Have the time I was out, but she kept me going right through.
    What a wonderful day getting paid.


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