Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a gathering of friends at christmas...

We had a little get-together here on Sunday night...

...the gals from MGCC and their hubbies.
(Ellen made the trek north from Seattle...
while Betty and Char had their own little get-together in Manitoba.)

 When these gals offer to bring food...
they mean business.
and plentiful!

There were a lot of cooks in the kitchen!

We played games...
and had a white elephant gift exchange.
The 'elephant-in-the-bag' could be anything that one already owned...
but could not be purchased for the gift exchange.
Amazing what fun gifts we came up with.
The most sought after one...

...was a wire basket filled with 2 1/2 dozen extra-large farm fresh eggs
...laid that very morning.
I was happy to have the eggs in my fridge when the evening was over...
and have already broken into the stash!

Marg somehow landed up with a wire robe...
which was most appropriate.

Her i-pad at times types words without her approval.
On her most recent get-away she sent us a note...
describing the relaxing time she was having...
as she lounged beside the pool in her 'wire' robe...
coffee in hand. 
It turns out she was wearing a white robe...
and i-pad got things a little confused.
Meanwhile we will forever have visions of Marg in her wire robe!

The guys played crokinole..
...many rounds, it seems.

The girls spent hours around the table.

We had things to look after...
and stories to tell...
and gifts to exchange...
and friendships to enjoy.

What a fun time we always have together!

Friends are a gift from God...
adding beauty and joy to our lives.


  1. What a spread! Wowzer. I had to take a closer look immediately. Now I'm going to do something a little different than I had planned for Friday evening...I will definitely make a punch bowl. It's so pretty and festive!

    Thanks for showing that the hubbies were having a good time as well. I was worried about them for just a brief moment. =D

  2. Looks like fun for the MGCC girls!

  3. Judy,
    "Friends are a gift from God...
    add beauty and joy to our lives."
    What a perfect way to sum it up.
    Your header is so wonderful. What a beautiful spread at the party! Every picture looks so welcoming, festive, warm. I would spend hours there too!
    The wonderful details in your home's architecture really shine!

  4. What fun that must have been! I always think in terms of sound, and I can just imagine the sound of the crokinole markers, the laughter, the crinkling of paper, the clink of fork on plate......great evening!

  5. Yes...you don't have to worry if there will be enough food when you invite the girls to bring a treat along to the party! So sad my dessert box was forgotten on the counter but I had so many lovely gifts and memories to carry home with me. Thank you for opening your beautiful home to us!!

  6. Pondside, there certainly was sound - lots of laughter and shouts from the triumphant crokinole players and more laughter and chatter from the girls. We also had a chance to find out little known details about each of us. Who knew that one of us had visited 21 countries, another hosted a stray sea lion in their country back yard and yet another kayaked for 2 weeks in Belize. What fun it was finding out! Once again, thank you Judy for hosting a terrific party.

  7. This kind of reminds me of hearing a story over and over but you love how everyone tells it with their voice...and I like your voice.
    It was such a great evening. We missed Charlotte and Betty and their guys but otherwise...I'd say it was just about perfect.
    Thank you again for being such wonderful hosts and for planning such great party planners.

  8. It's looking so festive over here Judy!!! Wow your table runner turned out gorgeous, I noticed it right away, good job! What a fun gathering, you're not kidding when you said the gals get serious about the food, wow, what a feast!!!

    Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas, may the Lord continue to cover you with His love and protection during these uncertain times, no matter what life throws at us HE is still on the throne, we choose to trust in Him.

  9. What a fabulous array of food. I saw Ellen's photos and they were stunning. You guys do a much better job of presenting your dishes than any pro food photographer. I guess that's why I'm always tempted to try your recipes. Thanks for everything you do. Angharad

  10. Thnak you, Judy! It was a great time! Your home is full of love and laughter.

  11. Judy - I just read Lovella's account of this evening. What fun and joy you had!!! Your home is beautiful and the food was amazing - not that I'm surprised!!! May your friendships just keep getting better and better - what an amazing gift and blessing this is!

  12. What a wonderful, FEEL GOOD post!! It just makes me smile to see how much FUN you all are having!! I've never heard of the crokinole game but it looks like the fellows were enjoying it! You are so blessed to have such a good group of friends.....but you already know that!

  13. In the words of Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way!

    Merry Christmas Judy!


  14. Looks like you had a great evening...those husbands must be most grateful for wives who are so talented in the kitchen :)I love the gift idea too. You home is looking very pretty and festive!

  15. It appears as though every detail were thought out to ensure a good time was had by all. Your home looks so pretty and there is no doubt that the food was superb. The story of your friendship is such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing it.

  16. So THAT explains the bursts of laughter I heard all the way across the water the other night :). I've loved reading about this party on a couple of other blogs. You women have such good times together.

  17. Sitting at your lovely table, with such a special group of talented and caring women, must have been so enjoyable for everyone. I like the "white elephant" idea of gift giving, and the wire basket with eggs, was the best! Also, I am still smiling at the wire robe and Marg's predicament. You see, I can identify with her in that area of life. Great post!

  18. It lookslike a wonderful time at your lovely home, Judy! All that delicious food and the fun of games, but the best is the good company of good friends!

  19. It was as perfect an evening as an evening with good friends can be... Thank you again, Judy for being such a lovely hostess!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson