Monday, December 10, 2012

meatballs and maggie on a monday...

We had meatballs for dinner over the weekend... 

...a quick and easy version that I posted here some time ago.

I immediately thought of Maggie and her meatball saga...
set to music.

 She had no idea she was performing for an audience.

I'll never again eat meatballs without 
thinking of  of Maggie's meatball song...
and smiling.

I'm having problems with the photo program on my new-and-improved computer...
so for now I can only share whatever is already in my files.

I think the video clip was waiting to be shared!

Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. So adorable!!! Your meatballs look delicious by the way. Good luck with your new computer.

  2. Can it get better than this? It's cute and adorable.

  3. You go ahead and smile and I'll just laugh. Oh so cute! She really has a lot of passion for singing, doesn't she?! Meatball to check it out.

  4. Maggie is so cute. So sorry about the photo issue with the new computer!

  5. I smiled at the title and smiled wider after listening to Maggie's song. So cute. Hope the computer issue gets resolved soon.

  6. There is just cuteness everywhere today on blogger. I just smiled and played it loud enough for us to both hear.

  7. That video is simply the most adorable thing EVER!!! What ELSE do you have in those files of yours??

  8. Seriously. I can't stop watching it. I have literally watched it 100 times. I know she's my kid and all, but my goodness, can she sing or WHAT?

  9. That is VERY sweet! I love it when the grandchildren sing along while doing other things....especially is the song is made up by them :)

  10. This is the cutest post ever!!! I loved watching it! Maybe someday your little meatball singer and my angel singer can perform together:)

  11. Oh, that is so cute! Love how she just goes on and on like she's talking to someone. I'll be thinking about her too next time I make meatballs.

  12. Oh that was priceless to listen to, Judy! Children are so imaginative and it's wonderful you captured Maggie's song on video!

    I hope your computer problems clear up soon!


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