Wednesday, December 12, 2012

hockey night in chilliwack...

Though many are mourning the usual hockey season...
what with the NHL strike...
we discovered we can get our hockey fix locally.

Watching six-year-olds play hockey is fabulous entertainment...
and it's free!

Ryder is playing for the first time this year...
and we went to watch.

And to cheer.

He looked so serious out there.
I could have sworn it was his dad under all that gear.
That's just how he looked...some three decades ago.
But he never played hockey at that age.

They all had their chance at playing the different positions.
Ryder seemed to play forward...
no matter what his position!

He was so cute sitting on the bench.
He wouldn't turn around to look at us.
Not until the match was over. was a tie game.
It is usually a tie game.
That's a good way to end!
And when it was all over...

 ...he posed for me with his most loyal fan.

Love that smile.
Love that hockey player!
Who needs hockey on TV when when can watch the real thing...
right here in town?

and we had Tim Horton's coffee while we watched.
It seemed appropriate since he plays on the Tim Horton's team.


  1. What a great grin! Love those two beautiful front teeth. My goodness, it does make them grow up fast. Here's to an amazing season on the ice!

  2. That's the best kind of hockey, in my book!
    That smile....he looks so much like his grandfather!

  3. Wonderful! How great that grammy and grandpa can come and watch. He is looking so grown up...

  4. Looks like NHL material to us. He has the look and the right name!!

  5. The pride and love in your heart comes oozing out of this post. I love how you write in a way that draws others right into the situation that you are finding yourself in. He is growing up so quickly. I like how he would not look back at you all until the end of the game. He must be a "rule follower".

  6. Love his concentration and spirit in the game!! Soooo cute! You are right - who needs NHL hockey???

  7. Whoa, he is so grown up with all that hockey gear on...and no kidding, he is a mini-J.

  8. They all look so sweet and Ryder the sweetest of them all!

  9. I'll be watching for the Wiebe recruit in the years to come....

  10. There is nothing like watching your kids and grandkids play or perform. Your heart just about bursts, doesn't it? He is a cutie and I know you had a great time. Yum... Tim Horton coffee! My daughter and I had that every morning when we visited Niagara Falls a few years ago. Loved their donuts, too!!

  11. What fun! Ryder already looks like a hockey pro!

    The best years of my life were watching my son participate in sports, as my husband was always a coach and our daughter was a cheerleader :) I look forward to my grandchildren playing one day!

    I do miss hockey --we were sad not to see our favorite teams play here one more time before we move. We will ahve to catch them in Denver, hopefully, next year!

  12. Like you, I got to watch my 8 year old grandson play hockey when I visited them in SK a week or two ago and loved every minute of it. There's determination, excitement, laughs and pure joy in every play. I'd watch little league any day over the professional variety.


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