Thursday, December 20, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

We had a snow day yesterday!
Some people stayed home.
Some wished they had.
Our fabulous new billion dollar Port Mann Bridge...
was closed most of the day...
due to chucks of ice falling on vehicles.
Traffic in the Fraser Valley has been chaotic!

We went to my granddaughter's school Christmas concert right after lunch...
only to find that it had been postponed until tomorrow because of the weather.

Not far from her school we passed by this lovely 'Christmassy' home...
and I said...
'Stop. I want a picture.'

Here's why.
I spent several Christmas's in that very house as a child.
When I was seven years old...
we left that house behind and moved to the farm...
the one where I now live.

The house of my childhood really never looked much like the house in the picture though!
It has gone through several re-models over the years...
and came out looking quite pretty!
The present owners gave me a tour shortly after they took over.
They were thrilled that I had photos of the house from the 1950's...
which I shared with them.

At home...
the snow fell most of the day.

I like how a snowfall cleans everything up so nicely...
and makes it feel more like Christmas.
It seems it has warmed up a wee bit though...
and the forecast is for rain today.

Who knows what the day may hold?
We may try to take in Ranen's school concert once again.
And tonight we will be going to the Christmas concert in our neighbourhood school.
 Emme and Spencer are in the sixth grade and this will be their last Christmas program at that school.
How time flies!

Enjoy the day...


  1. Pictures of freshly fallen snow are so lovely. Stay warm.

  2. I envy you the snow. We had tremendous wind (ferry cancellations) and driving rain most of the day. Things calmed down later in the afternoon, but more rain is expected.
    Your snowy photos are beautiful. Like you, I enjoy the changes that snow makes on the landscape.
    Enjoy the Christmas concerts!

  3. Hehehe a friend of my husband's family (Lora) lived in that home, as well. I agree - the current owners have done an amazing job on the renos!

  4. The rain cannot wash the photos away and my how the houses do shine in winter white. Love the header! Hope that Ranen's school Christmas program is not cancelled. John and I didn't get the memo about our Christmas program being cancelled either and found ourselves in an empty parking lot watching the snow fall and the candles (electric) glow in each church window. Very restful...

  5. How time flies, indeed! We have had the wind and the rain, but no snow here yet aside from a dusting on Tuesday that soon melted. I have high hopes for Christmas Eve!

  6. Where is Christmas? It's coming and slowly or frantically we put together the trimmings for the last minute things. We need to catch those glimpses quickly, before it's all melted.
    Yesterday was a great day filled with lots of exciting adventures. It's been so much fun being a part of the Life Group with you as leaders.

  7. It DOES look like Christmas. Love the "old" house picture and your house looks amazing!!! Enjoy the Snow while it lasts - we are still waiting for some here.

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  9. Judy, I remember a dinner at Christmas in that little house with your family (including aunts and uncles). What a wonderful memory of warmth, good conversation, and laughter!

    1. Aha...I remember your family visiting! And if it was Christmas, there would have been halvah, and oranges, and nuts...and 'knipsbrat'. And lots of laughter and stories when the uncles were together...whatever the season.

  10. Everything really looks fresh and clean with snow on it! How fun to have your childhood home close by. The snow didn't last long enough at my house to even take a snapshot!!

  11. I hope the snow will not delay the Christmas concert again. It will be interesting to see if there is a solution to the Port Mann Bridge problem. I've enjoyed looking back through your recent posts. Your home looks lovely and I'm sure the family is looking forward to Christmas on the farm.

  12. The pictures are lovely, of both of 'your' houses!
    I'd stay home and light a fireplace.

  13. You have such a beautiful home and it looks gorgeous in the snow Judy. How special to have been able to go into the house you grew up in. It is really cute and I'm glad the owners are taking care of it. I heard about the bridge on he news and how the ice was breaking car windows. Crazy! So much controversy over it all and now this? Someone goofed. I hope the concert was enjoyable. Children always do such a great presentation.

  14. Perhaps falling ice and snarled traffic is disagreeable but from what you've shared it looks like you are smack dab in the center of Christmas glow! Bit unsettling to realize how quickly Chrisas program years arrive and then depart for our children; it must seem twice as fast on the next go around with grandchildren. Those great grandparent who get to get in on another round are especially blessed!

  15. Merry Christmas Judy! it does look very wonderful there with the snow. I'm enjoying your photos a lot.

  16. So much snow! Amazing how it can disrupt everyday in the UK where we are not so used to snow all manner of activities are disrupted!
    I love both your homes...past and present...very pretty.

  17. I hope you made it back to see the performance; it was fabulous! Merry Christmas.

  18. What a darling little home tied up with red bows. Your home looks so festive too. I'm sure you enjoyed the concerts.

  19. Lovely photos, Judy! I know I will be seeing much more snow when i live in Colorado, but like you, I think it's beautiful!

  20. Judy, I feel so blessed that I had a few extra minutes in my schedule to visit your blog today. Each post was so much fun to see and read about. Your family "got milk" picture was the best looking "got milk" picture I ever saw. Your Christmas tablescape was beautifully done! The aprons you made for the girls were so adorable! I enjoyed it all so much. Thank you for taking the time to share it all. It comes from your heart and that is so obvious.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
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