Friday, November 29, 2013

'tis the season...

It's time to 'deck the halls'.

We started outside...
and had the perfect day to hang lights earlier this week.
(Actually...we have had more than our fair share of 'perfect days' this November!)
It felt almost balmy.

He does the peaks.
I do the eaves.

Why does it seem we just barely take the lights down...
and it is time to hang them up again?
The years just fly by!

Once the lights were up...
Ranen and Micah came to bake peppernuts
...and packed up their 'take-home' bags.
I haven't found a grand yet that doesn't love those spicy little morsels!

 'Tis also the season for spinning of tires on lawns...
so it seems.
That is a little decorating that we never ordered!
It seems someone finds pleasure in making tracks over front lawns.
And when they were done playing on our front lawn...
they took to the field and did a little more damage.
There is a little consolation in knowing we were not the only ones targeted.
I looked at hubby and said...
'Do you still have your spike rods?'
And we had a good laugh.
A very long time ago...
we had the same thing happen on our front lawn.
Two weekends in a row.
Hubby decided to put an end to it...
and laid down three spike rods that he painted green.
The unsuspecting driver would not get away next time!
It was also November.
We were actually looking forward to have the offending vehicle make another visit!
It/he/she never returned...
though we were ready.
By spring we had long forgotten about the green spike rods...
and our daughter decided she would like to
do the first lawn-mowing job of the year.
She was unaware of the spike rods...
and we had long forgotten about them ourselves.
The John Deere lawn mower never made one round before it found those spikes.
We discovered that the spike rods worked well!
We got caught in our own web.

So now we just smile...
and turn the other cheek.
'Tis the season!


  1. How nasty. Never heard of that delicacy. What amazing scenery to look out onto.

  2. You are a brave lady to stand on the shorter ladder and put lights up! I couldn't do it at all. I hope you take a photo of it at night to share. I've never tried peppernuts. Why do people do such things to other's property?? I had to chuckle at your dilemma with the JD tractor and the spikes though. Ouch. Enjoy the weekend. Pam

  3. Your halls are going to look beautiful all decked out! I too hope you post a nighttime picture when it's all done. Those cute grands look so delighted with the peppernuts (one day I am going to try making these little tastey morsels). Too bad about your lawn - that's just mean. Have fun "decking".

  4. Terry said... that is a nice house and then laughed when I read him the rest of the story. He must be related to Elmer since he has built similar devices for various uses here on the farm.

  5. I'm smiling here again this morning. There are so many things that just go better by turning the other cheek!

  6. Oh I would have so enjoyed having the true offender get caught...don't tell me that's my sin nature!

    What a cute window in Ranen's smile!

  7. That toothless smile made my evening...such a fun time at Grandmas!

  8. Now's the time to put the outdoor lights, since rain and possibly snow are in the forecast. Alas, ours are not yet up, and I don't know if they'll be done today, either.
    Your little granddaughter has one cute toothless smile.
    I was hoping, like Vee, that the offender would be caught, too.

  9. I know two grandchildren in this part of the country, whose smiles look just like your granddaughter does. So cute!

    Not sure we wouldn't consider putting the spikes back in the yard again, after experiencing what you did. Hopefully, they got it out of their system now.

    I am sure your home looks so nice with those lights outlining it. Will you share the finished project?

  10. That is hilarious about the spike rods!! Your home is so TALL!! That is a daunting task!
    Peppercorns? I guess this is a new one for me.

  11. My husband also decorated our eaves with Christmas lights today! I'm not sure we are going to attempt to light the peaks this year, as they are very tall and the ladder we have will not reach. The weather was perfect today, but I heard we will be getting an arctic blast by mid week so we hurried to do the outside while our fingers would not freeze. Peppercorns are `very tasty! I usually roll mine in confectioners sugar. I love Ranen's new toothless smile :)

    That is terrible about the destructive driver! I hope it doesn't happen again!

    Thank you for your Thanksgiving and Advent wishes, Judy! I hope you also have a very blessed Advent season.The days seem to fly by here and I'm busy every second. I keep waiting for a slow time when I'm caught up with everything, but if that happens we seem to be called upon to babysit I love it, however, as I know how fast these years go by!

  12. That's a great story Judy. Isn't that maddening, when they leave there marks? Sometimes it's car marks and the next time it,s horses hoof prints. Looks like you are all enjoying the season already.
    No peaks being decorated here anymore....the boys do the fence lines in there choice of colors.

  13. We put up the giant 'flag pole tree' in the field on the weekend - I love to see it!
    You're right - we had a beautiful November, but December has arrived in a sheet of rain. I hope the snow holds off for the week!
    See you soon!

  14. Funny story, Judy . . . too bad it bit you back. I know your house is beautiful with the mountains in view and all. I loved the drive into Chilliwack yesterday.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson