Friday, September 19, 2008

playing tag...

It's been some time since I've played tag...but I'm feeling up to it today, so here goes!

I was tagged by A Woman Who Is to share six random, quirky things about myself. (I was actually hoping to have some more exciting news to share with you today, but this is the best I can do.)

1. Cold...that's me, for the most part. I get goosebumps just thinking about the air conditioning at church (the guys seem to like it like that!)

2. After washing my baking pans, I slip them into the oven to dry...and there they stay until I get around to putting them in their rightful place. I learned that bad habit from my mom...but that means you must always check the oven before turning it on (Heidi!). Over the years, I have melted a few things that should not have been in my oven.

3. We have a dairy farm...and spend lots of advertising dollars promoting milk...but I must admit that I'm not a very good spokesperson! I have never liked milk. As a child, I remember drinking it for one a month only because I was bribed. I drank milk during three pregnancies...and now I take calcium supplements. I ate my cereal dry for many I soak it in milk, but leave the milk behind in my bowl.

4. I love the smell of's a scent that reminds me of sun drenched beaches in exotic places. Therefore I have soaps, lotions and room fresheners that have names like 'coco cabana' and 'coconut,lime, verbena'.

5. I memorized 200 lines of poetry in the sixth grade, and can still recite most of them...just don't get me started!

"The day is done and the darkness
falls from the wings of night...
As a feather is wafted downward
from an eagle in his flight..."

Do kids still memorize poetry in school? I'm rather glad I did...since I can't memorize much of anything now!

6. I cut hair...sometimes because I want to, often under pressure. I used to love giving haircuts...I practised on my friends (I'm not sure their moms were always thrilled with the results). While in Bible College, everyone was after a free haircut, so I was actually in demand. I cut our boys' hair until they needed something a little more cool than a 'mom haircut'. Now I mostly cut hubby's hair...and he usually wants a haircut when it doesn't suit me in the least (on a Sunday morning or just before we leave on vacation). And I usually snip away at my own between haircuts.

That was six...and I tag anyone who wants to play. But if you're more in the mood for baking...and have some fresh peaches can find the recipe for fresh peach pie over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook.


  1. Thanks I know a little bit more about you.
    I'm not a 'milk drinker' either and my excuse is 'I grew up on a dairy farm, I know where milk comes from'..hehe

  2. Hi Judy, I used to cut hair, too, even my daughters'. When she grew it long, it was easy, it justs needed trimming. When the boys no longer wanted a "Mom haircut", the rule was, I cut it free, YOU pay the barber. I guess we were/are just not cool. Dairymary

  3. I feel like we were raised in the same litter. .
    I'm always cold at church .. especially
    I put my baking pans in the oven and have melted things too
    I dont' drink milk but at least I don't leave milk behind in the cereal bowl.
    I love the scent of coconut too . .also the beach thing. I especially love Coppertone Sun lotion.
    Poetry .. sorry nothing there.
    I have always cut hair too. . .the boys until they wanted cool cuts and my husband still in between but always when it suits me the least. . I've been known to trim my own hair as well .. .

  4. Very interesting...

    I once gave my son a haircut so bad that I allowed him to stay home from school the following day until I could get him to the barber. Ha!

    As a notorious oven tucker, I know what you mean about checking in there first and all the way to the back.

    These were fun!

    I have got to stop visiting you Mennonite gals. You all stay thin, but I am piling it on with all your great recipes.

  5. Found out some more interesting things about you. I can ditto # 3 exactly, about the Milk...Yuck!!
    Now you know why I always walk around with the layered look...
    So many restaurants are freezing.
    Enjoy your day.

  6. i like these little "get to know you better maybe i will play...when i can't get my brain in a devotional mood. thanks for letting us in a little more into what makes you "special"

  7. Oh goodness, that looks yummy. Now I need lunch. :)

  8. That was interesting! Learned some more stuff about you. I don´t like milk either, unless it´s in pudding or ice cream.... :)
    And the Pie! Is to die for!!

  9. Interesting facts about you Judy!

    I've cut my husband's hair all the years of our marriage. There is less and less of it every year but in the beginning it was a curly mop challenge! We added it up and estimate we've saved about $2,000 by me cutting it over the years.

    I love milk! I usually only add it to my coffeee and cereal these days, but I love all kinds of cheese and could l live on that alone :-)

    That pie looks delicious!

    Hugs, Pat
    PS I'm happy you're enjoying my California posts! It was so beautiful!

  10. After I go and eat some that delicious peach pie then I might come back and play tag. I'll probably need to run off the extra calories! Oh, you didn't mean actual tag did you?

    Happy weekend!

  11. Hey Judy, i did enjoy my coffee with you today...LOL The sunflower is so bright and beautiful. Have a nice weekend.

  12. Well, I am afraid I differ from you and the commenters for the most part....but that is okay right? For instance...I am ALWAYS HOT...or is that the age I am going through?! And truthfully...sometimes I don't even get around to properly scrubbing my pans until the NEXT time I need they are usually draining after a quick rinse in my dish drainer WAY too long! Oh....and I love milk...could drink six gallons a day...yum...anything dairy...and I used to milk cows so even knowing where it comes from...I would drink it FRESH! I do not like the smell of coconut as I do not even like tropical places but prefer to spend time on the cold pacific coast...I love poetry and memorize here we have something common...I DONT get asked to cut hair...never have and never will but at least I do chop my own from time to time...very very unsuccessfully I might add...sigh

  13. I do love reading your blog Judy. You pick such neat subjects and write so well of them.

    I couldn't find your email so I'll quickly say in reply to your question on my blog that we sell oil filtration equipment - we are the Canadian distributor for a Danish company called CC Jensen.

    Thanks for the new look at places here at home we often don't really "see" anymore.

  14. So sad you don't have anything 'more exciting' to post about. I'm beginning to think you never will...

    AND putting things to dry in the oven is a crazy idea. Always has been.

  15. Thanks for playing Judy.

    It was fun learning about some of our similar quirks =]


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson