Wednesday, June 15, 2011

cowboy magic...

You might be surprised to know what kind of products we are using over here.  Cowboy Magic shampoo and conditioner...great for your horse's mane or your own!

I'm still on my trial not about to give an endorsement just yet...but things are looking good!  My hair feels good...has a new shine...and smells of wild roses. 

I am part of a group that is participating in a trial study of a 'new-to-us' line of hair products from Cowboy Magic.    Our distributor brought out smartly packaged samples for us to test...

...all the way from Steinbach, Manitoba. Since we asked so many questions...Betty thought we might just need to satisfy our curiosity and check things out for ourselves.  And so we are!

Here's the 'before' photo...

 ...taken just prior to embarking on the potion program.

You should see us now!  I'm sure we'll be getting together again sometime down the road for another summit...and to reveal our fabulous shiny manes.  Who knows...maybe the cowboy company will partner with us in feeding hungry children in the future.

Oh...and something I didn't mention.  These products are perfect for the cowboy as well...since they claim to stop hair loss.  He won't need to wear that big hat to cover things up anymore. 

And if you are at all interested in joining our Cowboy Magic trial run...check out their hair products your local tack shop! 

Can you tell we are having a lot of fun being part of this 'independent study'?

Have a great day...


  1. If you all start wearing pony tails, I'll know that this thing has gone too far. Keep right on having fun!

  2. I love the stuff so thought I should share:) Yea for Cowboy Magic:)

  3. I am with Betty...I am the one who noticed that I wasn't loosing my hair anymore when I washed it...I am liking this stuff...and oddly enough I have been craving oatmeal in the morning now too...:)

  4. I told my hubby last night about this shampoo ... he asked if I'd used it and when I confessed he said, "No wonder .." of course I had to know and he continued about me galloping on the walk we'd just come back from that night. (Okay, how would you walk if it's starting to rain and you have no umbrella?)

  5. Had my oats again this morning. .they never tasted so good.
    My hair was in a pony tail yesterday. ..all day! Yee Haw!

  6. I was compelled to leave a quip about pony tails, but see that Vee has beat me to it.
    I can tell by your post and comments that you are having a lot of fun with this. If it truly does stop hair loss, I'm going to have to get some. Seems I've been shedding a lot more than I used to.

  7. Got my silver buckle out and was shining it last night after I shampooed my mane. Next I'm buying a gallon for my son who is losing his hair. Since he's riding horses on the job these days the shampoo will fit right in...

    Love this post Judy!

  8. Wow, I am curious :-) Will for sure check it out....need to hang on to what I hair I have left !!


  9. I think many companies are seeing the power of blogs for endorsements..and for very good reason! With your enthusiasm and beautiful photographs you are a natural endorser, Judy!

    I'd love to try this shampoo ...or better yet, send some to my daughter who is now living in Colorado so she can blend in with cowboy(girl) magic!

  10. I’ve been using my cowboy magic for some time now... however I have still failed to lasso one!! ;) Have a great day y’all!

  11. I used a similar shampoo years ago and it was great. But I'd better giddy-up and get with the program if I'm to be included in the "after" photos.

  12. Wow! What a beautiful place you are in!

  13. Funny - tomorrow I'm going to meet a friend out at Mattock's Farm where there's a tack shop. I'll be asking about this shampoo!

  14. As Jeff Foxworthy might say~

    You know you're a redneck when...
    you and your horse share beauty products!

    Very interesting concept. You are a very brave group. ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. haha! i've been using cowboy magic for a while now! wahoo!


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