Tuesday, June 7, 2011

focusing on farming...

With the sun shining after a long, wet spring...the farmers in our area were all focusing on farming yesterday.  At our place...it was a race against the coming rain to get the corn seed into the ground at long last!  All the tractors were working...and in the end the only tractor left to do the planting was a trusty old John Deere without a cab.  A tractor without a cab on hockey night...is not a good thing.  That means a tractor without a radio!

I brought supper out to the field after the first period...and told him the score was 0-0.

Across the road from our place...they were also missing out on the hockey game...and focusing on getting their first cut of grass in.

I tried calling Elmer after Boston scored the first goal...but just got his voicemail.  I tried again after their second goal...voicemail.  I quit calling after the third...and fourth...and eighth goals.  

As the sun was setting...I zoomed across the fields and saw he was still planting.  By the time he came in...he was more interested in a good cup of coffee and a nice warm shower...than watching the recorded hockey game.

As for the Canucks...maybe they were focusing on farming last night too.  Hopefully they will re-focus for Wednesday night's game!


  1. What was up with that game last nite!! 8 goals...YIKES! I hope your "farmer" felt great satisfaction in getting his seeding done....we have put all of our land back to grassland for hay crops. The neighbouring Hutterites custom seed the 160 acres that we have left as cultivated land. So, over the years our farm has seen some changes and Darrell's "farming" has changed as he has gone off the farm to work as well. You will always have the love of the land in your heart though....

  2. I noticed a lot of farming activity yesterday as I drove from Agassiz to Abbotsford. Rain is called for today, so it's a good thing I brought a jacket with a hood!
    That game last night was something - I really did a double take when I turned it on and it was already 4-0!

  3. OH great post. Maybe they ate too many Boston Beans.
    We mentioned Elmer a few times and thought he wasn't missing much. He accomplished far more that they did.

  4. Oh come on Judy...fess up. Those pictures...over the top scenery with farm equipment included as visual foils to add energy against the scenery. Perfect!
    You are kidding about real work being done,right?
    You just asked Elmer and the other farmers to take the equipment out so you could get these fabulous blog photos, didn't you?
    Tell Elmer thank you from us! We love the shots!

  5. Well, I'd say Elmer didn't miss too much. Tim was working in the garage during the last period and I had the television on. I'd open the door and say, 5-1, 6-1, etc. Very painful game. Hopefully they'll do better next time.

  6. My farmer worked late into the evening, too, but he was doing cement work in the basement. A hot shower was his choice when he finished but he had something a little stronger than coffee. The game was painful and I hope things turn out better on Wednesday! Glad the seed was finally able to get into the ground!

  7. It's just as well that he wasn't taking calls. :D

  8. He's a good man to finish the job while the sun was shining and not let a hockey game distract him. Sorry about one game loss --i'm sure they will coem back fired up to win next time!

  9. yup..maybe we should have sent our farm team to Boston.

  10. Sounds like you have a hard working man! My hubby has been working outside in the 100+ weather for the last three weeks doing some repairs and painting on our house and garage. When he comes in, he wants supper and a shower...the Braves game can wait! Two peas in a pod, huh? :-)

  11. BEAUTIFUL views! Lot of activity going on on the farm here too!

  12. It's definitely not all about admiring the scenery when it comes to farming, is it? Although I'm pretty sure your scenery would help.


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