Wednesday, June 29, 2011

of birds and blooms and such...

 As the month comes to an end...
I'll post a few pictures taken around the neighbourhood these past few weeks.  

One day in the country is worth a month in the city. 

Lupins are in their prime...
adding a touch of colour to the roadside.

And the wild roses are filling the country air with their pleasant scent...
in sharp contrast to some of the other smells in the neighbourhood!

From my spot at the kitchen window...
I have enjoyed the clematis these past weeks.  
She's getting tired now...
but usually blooms once again later in the summer.

I looked out the front window the other day...
and noticed that the starlings had called a meeting in the willow tree.  
A robin sat below and listened in!  
I took a photo through the window...

...and then stepped onto the front porch for a better shot.  
They decided their meeting was over...
though they always come back for more! 

I'll add a picture of a blue heron that we passed on our bike ride the other day. 

Today isn't much of a picture taking day...
with grey skies and rain in the forecast.'s just around the corner!  
Have I said that before? 


  1. That bird meeting is amazing. Loved all your birds and blooms. Boy...I just realized our patio furniture isn't even out yet. I hope summer is just around the corner...

  2. Judy, what a great picture you got of the starlings just leaving! Our grands and their parents, here from Alberta, are camping in the back yard, rain or shine. They like their space, and the sense of adventure. Dairymary

  3. Those are all beautiful shots Judy. I am always so amazed at how all us bloggers see beauty around us and then have a chance to remember it forever.

  4. For a minute I thought I was in the alpine meadows up at Manning...
    Loved those starlings...they reminded me of all the vendors sitting at the Eiphel Tower in Paris. When the police drove through the square, they scattered like your sparrows.
    Enjoy another cloudy day.
    Glad we made use of the sun on Sunday.

  5. I love the bird meeting with all the starlings perched in a row on the tree. And then their flight - gorgeous!

    Yes, summer is just around the corner - hope springs eternal!

  6. Where you live is so beautiful...I love to get lost in your photos. Nice to be able to see places I may never get to!


  7. Judy, I love it that you see beauty all around you and realize it and always have a camera with you! Amazing that you caught the birds at just the right moment. So often a picture changes or moves away before one gets the camera ready. I hate it when that happens! And it does too frequently for me!

  8. Judy, I love this post. Your photos and narrative were like reading an illustrated book of poetry.

    It is so beautiful where you live.♥

  9. I love your photo of the starlings sitting on the tree top! I often hear a group of them that live near me all chattering together in a tree but they are hard to spot.

    Lupines and wild roses pretty!

  10. What beautiful photos, Judy. You certainly do live in a place of great loveliness.

  11. Lovely, all. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful province, and you are a great ambassador! The shot of the birds in the tree is a keeper! I wonder what the topic of the discussion was?

  12. ..."the starlings had called a meeting"..that's cute! And your clematis is so pretty. I would love to have some, but it is probably too hot for it here.

  13. Cute shot of the birds and their meeting...yes, I think summer has maybe arrived on the prairies...finally!! Have a great day!

  14. Your commentary is always so interesting and fit perfectly with your outstanding photography. I smiled as I read this post.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson