Wednesday, May 16, 2012

home on the range...

Though I have posted about picnics...
and porch parties and such...
I haven't showed you what has been happening behind the scenes over here for the past week.

It's springtime on the farm.
A lucky few heifers are on the green pastures for the summer. 

Here on the farm they are bringing in the crops...
to keep the cows happy for the next year.

The first cut of grass is safely in the bunker...

...and this week it is corn planting time.

The sun is shining...
and the days are long.

I'm linking the above photos to Vee's blog...
where she is having a note card party today.
All four photos have been posted in previous years on 'My Front Porch'...
but are a good representation of what is happening here this year.

Let me just add one more...
for good measure!

Ryder loved to be part of the picnic lunches at the field in years gone by.
This year...
he is having lunch in his school desk!
How time flies.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Judy,
    I'd be so distracted by those gorgeous mountains it would be hard to get all the work done!
    I do love the heifers. They are beautiful. Always loved working with dairy cows. Busybodies.

  2. Nothing says spring like farming photos at the foot of Mt. Cheam. That photo of Ryder makes me grin, even though it is a flagrant cheat! =D

  3. I haven't quite figured out everything on the card parties but, I will. They look very interesting and I love cards. Spring is such a pleasant time of year I hate to see it go. Here in Oklahoma we are moving into our summertime with very warm temperatures already.

  4. Busy on the farm for sure! Glad the days have been long and dry for this work!

  5. So envious of the mountains and nature you view from your porch. Lovely images of daily doings so different than my day; it's wonderful how we can share all these experiences through images. Thanks so much for sharing.


  6. What a bountiful and beautiful view you enjoy!

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  8. Beautiful photos of your home on the range, Judy!
    It looks like lots of work and we thank our farmers for
    what they do to keep putting real food on our tables1

  9. I love love love the cow ones!

  10. Such a beautiful place where you live! Gorgeous photos!

  11. How pleasant to look up and see those majestic mountains every day!

  12. Is there such a thing as using the word "beautiful" too often in comments?
    If so I know I'm guilty. Can't help myself though because that is the first word that comes to mind every time I visit you. Today is no exception.

  13. Judy, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I think I'll come and visit. I love farms and cows ( I think it is their brown eyes!!!!). Lovely images for Vee's party. Well done!

  14. That cow picture is terrific! Your photos are so vivid and they speak to my country heart! I know the hustle and bustle that happens on the farm these lovely days of Spring. Our soy beans are going in the ground as I type! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and life with us.

  15. Your photos are so lovely with the mountains in the background. I love the contrast of the cows against the green background, but the last one is a true winner! I'm a sap for curly hair!

  16. I love your photo cards! That is such a beautiful area and I have been there in that area visiting my sister. Blessings, Pamela

  17. Oh, I forgot. I'm now following you!

  18. Oh my- love the mountain range in the background- just so beautiful. I would love to see that scenery every day- you are so lucky.

  19. Your note card selection would be a hit for any tourists passing through your area. Such a gorgeous background for farming. And I love the little farmer eating lunch on the tailgate of the pickup truck.

  20. Your note cards are perfect. It is so wonderful to see what is happening on the dairy farm. I love the tailgate party!

  21. What beautiful country! And what a view from the porch! Wow.

  22. Judy I haven't visited for a long time. I get so caught up in this I miss a lot of the blogs I used to visit. Your photos are great especially the last one. Yes how he has grown. Time just flies by.

  23. Thank You Judy! You have blessed me with memories from home on the farm! I have a different view here in the north, but just as beautiful.
    Blessings on your day!
    Elaine Cooper (Teichrob)

    1.'s so good to hear from you! And I know via others that you do live in an incredibly beautiful spot. I even saw some pic's...thanks to our mutual friend, Karen. Thanks for stopping by!

  24. I can't think of any better card pictures. The one of the cows is my favorite. How do you all get work done when you have those mountain ranges in the background of all you do? What gorgeous scenery and what a handsome young man sitting on the truck!

  25. What spectacular views! We're not used to seeing snow on the mountains tops here in the East! And my youngest son has a head full of blond curls when he was little...they're a little darker now! Enjoy this beautiful Spring weather!

  26. There's nothing like singing that song and feeling the same and if I had my choice I'd be driving the tractor. That's what I miss the most...but it's nice to see the farmers having such wonderful weather.
    Cheers to your dairy farmers.

  27. I drove beside a large pasture full of mamas and babies today and thought of your post. How lucky you are to have green grass. Those must be awfully happy heifers!

  28. You live in a very beautiful part of our world! Green grass and snow-capped mountains. How wonderful to also be surrounded by precious family.


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