Friday, June 15, 2012

father's day...

It's Father's Day on Sunday.

A few years back...
we gave my dad a fishing excursion on the Fraser River.

He had a great time...
and even reeled in a big one.
A sturgeon!

Though he is fast approaching ninety...
he has still enjoyed many of his favorite activities over the past year.

He would come out to the farm on a regular basis...
and spend a few hours having fun in 'his shop'.

Though he can usually be found cheering on his favorite Toronto Blue Jays from his easy chair...
he decided watching the Vancouver Canadians in action at Nat Bailey Stadium was a good time as well.

He has been driving where he pleases...
and keeping busy.

He meets buddies at Tim Horton's for coffee several mornings a week.
On Tuesday morning he showed up at Tim Horton's on schedule...
but never arrived inside to coffee with his friends.
He was struck by a pick-up truck on his way in...
and taken to the hospital by ambulance.
X-rays revealed a broken hip...
and a hip replacement surgery was needed.
How a single moment can change our schedules in a big way!
Dad and Marge are in the process of moving...
and this will complicate things a little.
I am off to Iowa this weekend for my nephew's wedding.
I'm not so sure this is the best time to be leaving...
but we know that nothing happens without God's knowledge.
Dad seems to be doing fine following his surgery...
and has stories for all who come to visit!

On this Father's Day...
I wish for my dad a full recovery.

May he have strength for each day.

May he be hitting the ball out of the ball park again soon...

...and reeling in the big ones.

Happy Father's Day, 



  1. Oh. It has not been a great week for your dad. I join you in wishing him a speedy recovery and many more happy times. I think having a hip replaced may be a blessing in disguise from what I hear. You can trust God to take care of everything, Judy, and that is what gives peace of mind. Enjoy the wedding! Your dad will want to hear all about it.

  2. Your active! From what I hear hip replacements are amazingly easy to do, which astonished me. Praying his recovery time is quick and easy and the Blue Jays have a winning season with your Dad cheering them on in his usual manner. Maybe the Jays would put up a get well sign on their scoreboard if you ask?

  3. What a wonderful Father's Day post Judy. What a lot of life your dad has in him. Praying for his recovery and that you have a wonderful time enjoying your nephew's wedding.

  4. Such a sweet post! So sorry about your dad's accident. I, too, wish him a speedy recovery. I think you look like him! :-)

  5. Beautiful pictures of a dad so full of life. Let's hope this is just a little set back. I'm on my way to a prayer time - will be holding him before the Lord as well. Have a wonderful time at the wedding. You deserve some 'special time' after a couple of hectic days.

  6. This is such a wonderful post from daughter to dad. I see a strong family resemblance in your 3rd photo. I am sorry to hear about your dad's accident. I hope his recovery is smooth and speedy so that he can get back to the activities he enjoys.

  7. A great post. Keep us updated on your dad's progress, I would like to be that spry at his age.

  8. Oh Judy - i was so enjoying reading the story of your Dad and what a vibrant active man he was...I loved the picture of him in the machine shop - just one of the most comforting places a man can putter I think. There's such a sense of satisfaction when something is fixed. I'm so sorry to hear of the accident that resulted in your Dad's hip operation. After my mother in law fell 3 years ago on our living room rug she had a hip replacement and was walking again within a few weeks. hopefully your Dad will recover easily and be back to his old self very soon!

  9. Sorry to hear about the accident. It sounds like your dad was in good shape going into the surgery and that makes everything easier on his body. It's hard not to be available to help everywhere it's needed, but don't forget to enjoy the blessing and fun of the wedding.

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad's accident and surgery, Judy. Thankfully hip replacements have become almost routine surgery and hopefully your Dad will be up and around and active again very soon. God bless him on Father's Day. Enjoy your wedding weekend!

  11. Oh no! Sending many prayers your way for a fast recovery after hip surgery. You are so right about how things can change in an instant! You have had a crazy week - enjoy the wedding!

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  13. Wishing your dad a complete recovery! Great photos and wow that is one big fish!

  14. I have prayed for your father and his recovery. What a "friskie" fellow he is! My father is 84 and still going strong. Praise God.

  15. May your dad be blessed with a speedy recovery. Enjoy your trip to Iowa.

  16. Judy, these are such great action packed pictures of your dad! He looks like he really enjoys life! I hope he heals quickly and can get back to the things lhe likes to do.

  17. Oh Judy, I am so sorry to hear about your dad's accident. I can't imagine how difficult it was for you to receive that news, especially since you were planning to leave town. You stated it so well when you said that you need to trust God with everything. He seems like such a special man.


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