Friday, June 22, 2012

with this ring...

Matthew and Brittney.

Joined in holy matrimony...
on June 16, 2012
Strawberry Point, Iowa.

The wedding sand ceremony...
where the two colours of sand are poured into a vase...
symbolizing the inseparable nature of marriage.

And looking rather serious...
my niece Megan as flowergirl (on the left).
And my niece Kiley as bridesmaid (right behind Megan).

And into the blazing sunlight...
in a sea of bubbles...
Mr. and Mrs.

The radiant bride!

The wedding car?
Brittney's car.
Either she was a Ford kind of girl...
or she decided it was easier to switch than fight if she was joining Matt's family.

And on to the reception...
where the groom and his men showed up in camouflage vests and caps.
Only in Iowa!

I think they were sponsored by Ford!

The table centerpieces.

And the cake...
which looked strikingly similar to the one I recall from my brother's wedding 26 years ago.
The cake topper...
brought to you by Skidoo.

The smiling guest book attendants...
my nieces, Kaitlyn and Jessica.

 My nephew niece Kiley.
Andrew was an usher for his bro...
and had to choose between his ball team and the wedding that day.
He may be questioning his decision...
since his team ended a nine-game winning streak while he stood by Matthew.

And the parents of the groom
Bill and Jeanne.

They were wonderful hosts both at the wedding...
and after.

I'm thinking they may have a few more weddings to host in the coming years!

Who knows...
we may be winging our way back to Iowa again one day.

Wishing Matt and Brittney a lifetime of wedded bliss.

Three things will last forever...
faith, hope, and love...
and the greatest of these is love. 
1 Cor. 13:13 NLT 


  1. It looks like a wedding that was filled with smiles and hope for the future. A family wedding is such a wonderful time to gather the family together. I wish we had more in our family but it seems this generation is waiting longer to settle down. Enjoy your front porch today Judy!

  2. Great pictures Judy .... looks like a fun time! Had to smile at your Ford and Skidoo references!

  3. Oh I love a wedding! Is that four more weddings to attend or have I lost someone? When the bride smiled, this whole post came to life. She has the most beautiful smile I've seen lately. Hearty congrats to the newlyweds. (Maybe you and Elmer can buy your own plane and fly down there on your own. ;> )

    1. Matthew is the first of six siblings to be married. I'm thinking our own plane would be the only kind with a direct flight into Iowa!

  4. looks like a beautiful day! i know they were happy to have you there!

  5. This was truly a family affair. What a joyful time. Lovely-looking family.

    My grandfather worked for Ford in Iowa all the years my mom was growing up and then all the years of my childhood. We had shirts that said "FoMoCo". Marshalltown, Fremont, and (mostly) Cedar Rapids.

  6. First of 6! Oh boy, maybe one of the 6 will get married where United flies directly to. You never know...
    Love all the lights!

  7. What a pretty bride! Her smile says it all, as she looks out from the car. I think you should start booking tickets if there are five more nieces and nephews to go!

  8. sweet summer blessings!
    beautiful wedding,

  9. I was thinking how much I enjoy wedding photos...whether I know the bride and groom or not. This was even special because I felt a part of your excitement in going to the wedding. Such a lovely day. Now..Bill is your brother right? Trying to still get it all straight. There is a bit of resemblance with Bill.

  10. How special that you could wing your way there to share this exciting day with your family... brother, sister-in-law,nieces and nephews!

  11. I love weddings. Everyone looks so happy here. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love looking at wedding pictures. Those guys and their camo. Our son says that'll be the choice at his wedding if he ever finds a woman! Oh yeah. And there's even fishoflage for the fishermen, which he is. I guess I don't have to worry about that for a while. :)

  13. Congratulations to Matt and Brittany! They are a lovely couple and their wedding looked like such a happy affair! I loved their beautiful cake with the fun topper!

  14. I really enjoy seeing how couples think out their wedding plans. I like the Ford touches. Everyone looks so happy, especially the bride with her beautiful smile. It must have been so much fun to see relatives that you have not seen for so long.

    Congratulations to the two of them!

  15. Billy has kids that are getting married already?! WOW. And I loved the camouflage vests and Ford gotta love Iowa!