Monday, June 4, 2012

rainy days and mondays...

We had our share of rain this past week...
but there is always something to brighten the day.

Though the skies may be dark...
and the waters rushing down the mountain...
God sends a rainbow.
It's a promise of brighter days ahead...
I know!

A splash of pink on a dark day...
 does wonders to wash the rainy-day blues away.
Our Satomi dogwood never disappoints.

Though we have mostly perched under a canopy these past days...
we are hoping for some sunshine this week.
The weatherman tells us otherwise.
But hope is a good thing.
I have big plans to work outside today.
We'll see how that goes!

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Your dogwood is so pretty! Love your rainbow shot. Yes, we will always keep hope in the forefront!

  2. Judy, your weather forecast is making me nervous. The basement is flooded, John's tenants were standed because the lower end of the driveway flooded out. The fire department rescued them in a boat! I'm off to take photos of the flooding, which is pretty nasty in many places so perhaps your rains will go to Texas because they need it!

  3. The pictures are so beautiful and uplifting that the grey rain clouds just disappear, Judy...wonderful post!

  4. Beautiful photos. I love rainbows for the promise of God in them. The dogwood is gorgeous! Enjoy the week. Pamela

  5. A gorgeous rainbow! We have rain in our forecast too - but today is cloudy with bits of sun peeking through so I'm going to take advantage of it and head outside! Hope you get some clearer weather soon!

  6. The rainbow is beautiful and a good reminder that Hope is something that no one can take from us as it is a gift from God.
    It's raining here ...and I expect at your house too. Wednesday looks like the best outside day.

  7. I bet if we took a deep breath at your home, we'd smell the fragrance of God's handiwork! Rain, what a cleanser.

  8. Hope is always, always a good thing.

  9. Love that photo of your new whealbarrow... another reminder of unexpected joy, right?

    I've never told you ... but I love the RW Emerson quote under you commment box.

  10. Rainbows, pink blossoms, and singing birds are all pretty wonderful...even with the rain!

  11. The sun keeps trying to peek today. Hope....God's gift. A rainbow of promise....blossoms that show new life and change.

  12. I didn't realize there was a pink Dogwood until reading your post just now. It looks so beautiful in bloom by the corner of your front porch. Have a good week JudY!

  13. Lovely views of God's treats!
    Now will you please stop hogging the rain? I will send you some of our 95 degree heat if you will send us some rain...

  14. Breathtaking picture of the rainbow Judy!!! Your dogwood is beautiful and I especially like the rhubarb leaf garden art under it. BTW all the rhubarb leaves sold at our church event on Saturday - it was a wet but successful day! Sending you some sunbeams ...... never stop hoping!

  15. Rainbow, pink dogwood and a common crow! Perfect!
    Rain? that's lovely too! smile

  16. Amongst the rain...things are still happening. I love your dogwood...and I love the sun. I need some sun!

  17. Last evening we walked out of a restaurant and saw a beautiful rainbow too, and you are right, it offers hope. The pink dogwood and the wooden wheelbarrow look so good on your grounds. I hope by now, that you have had an opportunity to work outside.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson