Saturday, August 17, 2013

a postcard from Boston...

We saw Boston...
up close and personal last night!

For the most part...
we are avoiding the big cities with our RV.

But our trusty guide...
GPS Jane...
took us right through the center of Boston.
And in the middle of a tunnel she left us to our own devices!
We are happy to say we found our way out of the city.

Today we off to Newport, Rhode Island...
and a walk along the cliffs.


  1. Let Elmer know that I tried NOT to be first, but now it is 1:30 of a Saturday afternoon and I have been cooling my jets long enough to say that Jane of yours is a twit!

    Had to look up what the Cliff Walk might be. Sounds amazing! Bet that you'll have some great photos of that.

    1. Too funny. Elmer actually thinks you should be in that #1 spot! As for Jane...she has rarely let us down. But she never 'picked a fine time to leave us' in Boston.

  2. I am so sure you are savoring some real special sights to show us sometime later. The Cliff Walk sounds like a romantic adventure:)

  3. Newport sounds like a great destination with a trailer!

  4. Driving through Boston with a trailer: there has to be some kind of medal and award ceremony for that.

  5. Oh no - I think Jane should have directed you to downtown Boston - it's such a great city to explore. However, I'm glad you found your way through and are headed to some lovely places - thanks for these great postcards!!

  6. Your GPS Jane sounds like our Sheila, who sometimes abandons us at critical moments, only to shriek 'Recalculating!!!' when we try to go it alone.

  7. GPS Jane doesn't sound too reliable - good thing you've got some navigational skills of your own. Glad you made it out onto the open road again.

  8. I love traveling along with you! Thanks for the postcard! I have been to Boston and to Newport but it has been a long time ago now. Can't wait to see more of your trip! Safe travel!

  9. Your trip is sounding wonderful Judy and I hope you will post more about these places when you return home. Safe travels to you!

  10. And we have no seems like I am a trusty resource. I saw a motor home just like yours...but could not capture the photo quick enough and while we passed it, suddenly realized you had aged over 20 years. Have a wonderful trip as you continue to visit the eastern states.

  11. sounds like somebody needs to trade in GPS Jane for Tom Tom. A motorhome in Boston…eek gads you are brave souls! Did you at least get to stop in at Harvard?

  12. Boston is a very pretty city -- too bad you weren't able to walk around the North End or see the colonial areas of the older portion of the city, or the very rich and beautiful Nob Hill. I know driving in a city with an RV can be difficult, however. Weren't the big mansions in Newport interesting?

  13. Boston, New Port....good thing for Jane....our Sheila has helped us navigate through a few cities pulling the RV as well...always glad when we are on the outskirts of a big city. Walking along cliffs....I'm sure there will be pictures of that one day as well:) So happy for you to be enjoying such a wonderful really are putting on the miles.

  14. Judy, what a wonderful trip you've had! I'm going back through your posts (started in Chicago). I've lived in WI for 12 years but Boston and New England is home. I was born near Boston and raised in New Hampshire. Love going in to the city for special days. So much history there and so much to see and do. I didn't cover as many states as you this summer, but I did drive (without Jane) from WI to NH and MA and back. Wonderful to read of your adventures. Thank your for sharing them. Joyce


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