Friday, August 16, 2013

a postcard from maine...

We are seeing the sights...
meeting the people...
and making memories in Maine.

This was our view from the wharf in Bar Harbor...
where we had lobster for supper...
and watched the sunset.

I'll keep you guessing as to who I might have possibly met up with in Maine...
and tell you that story once I am home.
It's a good one!

Today we are visiting Freeport...
the L. L. Bean capital...
and then to the coast to see the lighthouses.

We only have internet service very occasionally...
so for the most part...
I am 'missing in action'.
Looking forward to catching up with you all once I am home.

Until next time...


  1. Beautiful! So glad you are having such a wonderful trip!

  2. What a great place to be "MIA" from! Can't wait to hear all about your adventure and see more of your great pictures. Travel safe!

  3. How beautiful! I would like to visit Maine someday. I'm glad you're having such a fun trip. Thanks for sharing with us when you're able!

  4. OH THE MEMORIES I COULD MAKE! Sorry to shout, but you are on Maine...wanted to make sure you heard me!

  5. Oh what beautiful views you are enjoying! Looking forward to hearing more about it all when you come home again!

  6. Beautiful - truly a postcard!! Safe travels....

  7. What a lovely place. Continue to enjoy your visit.

  8. We love Bar Harbour and I really hope we get there this fall. It's beautiful when the leaves are 'on'. Looking forward to hearing details of your visit with our friend. Blessings. Pam

  9. That is just beautiful! So glad you are enjoying your time away and checking and then!

  10. Lobster eating in Maine and blueberry picking: some day I want to get to do those two things! If you see a blueberry bush, pick a wish handful for me!

  11. Beautiful shot!
    Continued safe travels..


  12. Oh how pretty! Glad that you are seeing some Downeast sights. Can't wait to find out the rest of your story.

  13. You know how to wet out appetite! Love these little glimpses into your travels.

  14. I have been away too and am missing the action. Did you like the state of Maine as much as my daughter and her family did? I heard it is so beautiful and I too can't wait to hear who you met.

  15. While you are enjoying the east coast we are here in Mt. Shasta enduring the heat blast of 38 degrees. The mountain is covered in smog from the fiery forest fires of Oregon. But what a beautiful little town nestled in the mountains at 4000 feet. Enjoy the cliffs.

  16. Oh, the eastern seaboard!!!! You are killing me with these shots! Luuuuuuuv it! Soak it all in and feel free to taunt me with more amazing ocean shots!

  17. I think I have a very good idea who you met in Maine, Judy lol! I'm sure you enjoyed that lovely state and all its pretty views! I hope you saw Nubble Lighthouse and the Portland Head Lighthouse --they are among my favorites.

  18. What a beautiful photo! Maine looks like a beautiful place. I'll look forward to your story:)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson