Thursday, August 1, 2013

where did July go?

It's gone...
and soon will be only a distant memory.

It was the driest and sunniest July on record here in the Fraser Valley...
really quite lovely.
But we do need the rain!

Things are no longer quite as green as they were early in July...
when this photo was taken.

As the third cut of hay was mowed down...
the eagles swooped in behind the swather to see what they could find.
They rarely came up empty!

By summer the eagles of the valley have normally moved on...
but this year they seemed reluctant to leave.

The month flew by...
and it seemed there was little time to spend with friends.

But we do have good memories of a few special 'friend events'...
including one fun night around a backyard fire pit where we stayed until the stars came out.

How did my garden grow?
The raspberry crop was great...
and our little row is pruned and tied for next year.
As for the blueberries, the birds cleaned them off as fast as they ripened...
and left us none.

Thankfully, we have connections...
and got a good supply from Silver Valley Farms.

And the hydrangeas...
they aren't putting on quite the show they did last year.
I think I pruned a little too zealously last winter!

July is gone.
Things are caught up in the office...
the farm is in good hands...
the motor home is packed.
Tomorrow morning we are hitting the road.
We are heading east.
Far east.
I will likely send a postcard or two along the way!
But just so you know...
I'm not at home on 'my front porch'.

Thank-you to all of you who visit me here regularly!
I appreciate you all...
and especially enjoy the comments and words of encouragement you share with me.


  1. Have fun! We are coming west on Mon to catch a ship in Vancouver to cruise and tour Alaska for 10 days!
    Wish we could meet up...perhaps another time!!

  2. Enjoy your travels. I love that fire pit.

  3. I can't believe that July is over either!! The year is zooming by for me! We have enjoyed a great summer here in Medicine Hat...some of the locals say it is not as hot as usual, I have enjoyed the temps and the beautiful summer evenings. Here's to the month of August!! Hope yours is great!

  4. May you be blessed with safe travels and I will come to your Front Porch picking blackberries without you being home? That will probably be a very short visit. You will enjoy your travels.

  5. Also wishing you safe travels and a great time!

  6. Far east as in New York? If so I wish i were there to show you around, Judy!
    Your summer looks idyllic--it always does in your beautiful part of the world!

  7. When I read your title I said - "No Kidding"!! Thank YOU dear Judy for sharing snipits of your life and travels with us in blogdom. How far east are you coming???? Could it be anywhere in the K-W area?? I would SO love to meet you.

  8. BTW - Safe travels and ENJOY!

  9. You folks need a net for your blueberries. Hope that you're bringing your good weather with you. If not, we have plenty of rain to send back. It's pouring again today. Happy Trails!

  10. Don't forget to send postcards! If I know you...and how faithful you are to send cards along the will. Thank you!...for remembering us while you are away. Love your summer photos.

  11. Thanks for the lovely photos as always, Judy! Have a safe trip, I'll be looking forward to seeing where you're "taking" us this time.

  12. Enjoyed all of this! That fire pit is wonderful! Enjoy your time safe!

  13. I am so looking forward to your postcards! These are some fabulous photos you are sharing today. I like that fire pit on the edge of that deck. I'll have to show Dear...

  14. Shaking my head at how you two gad about and that you chose to go gadding in the hottest month of the year. Glad you enjoy the heat apparently! Safe travels, Godspeed.

  15. Judy such wonderful photos...I KNOW! July is gone and I have canned everything that grew in the gardens and boy am I tired...want to go to Myrtle Beach before the summer is gone....come on, lets go!

  16. Hard to believe how quickly this summer has flown by.
    I'm sending good wishes for safe travels. Due to a comment you once left me I think I may know one of your destinations. If so I hope you will be meeting up with another blogger who we all know and love. I would enjoy reading about that meeting.

  17. July did fly by! I'm sure the farmers were happy for a sunny july and happy for the rain we got this week. Happy and safe travels to you. I'll be checking for post cards.

  18. July did fly by! I'm sure the farmers were happy for a sunny july and happy for the rain we got this week. Happy and safe travels to you. I'll be checking for post cards.

  19. Safe journey to the two of you! Say hello to Cape Breton for me!

  20. Judy and Elmer, I wish you a safe journey as you travel to the "far east". :) I know you will see many beautiful things along the way to blog about someday. Take care and enjoy your trip. Blessings! Pam

  21. Another beautiful post! Wishing you two a special trip together! I do hope you document some of it because you do that so well, and I enjoy it all so much. Blessings!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson