Wednesday, October 9, 2013

a final walk down the garden path...

Minter Gardens will be closing...
in a few days.  
We will most certainly miss our frequent walk through our local show garden.

The sun was shining on Sunday...
and we decided to have a final walk through the gardens...
with Vern and Martha...
and John and Liz...
who were out from Kelowna for the funeral.

We have been 'welcomed' here often over the years...
and treasure all the memories.

One of these days I'll do a farewell post to the gardens...
including some of our treasured memories.

We were greeted with splashes of colour...
no longer pastels...

...but in the myriad shades of autumn.

The regal peacock will soon be ending his reign...


...and the lady-of-the-garden sculpture will be finding a new home.

Tea for Two.

We will have to find other places to do all of the above!

But on Sunday...
we wandered...
and un-wound.
Tea-for-two became lunch on the patio in the sunshine.
We recalled other times through the years when we had strolled the gardens together.
It was my mom-in-law's favorite Sunday afternoon retreat in years gone by!

It was a garden for all seasons.
But our last visit to Minter Gardens in October of 2013 was picture perfect!

We weren't the only ones wanting to visit the gardens on Sunday.

As we left...
there was line-up of people waiting to go in. 

We left as we came...
past the old barn that has been an icon of the gardens since the beginning.

I'm still hoping to hear that it isn't so....
that the gardens will be opening again in spring.

But it seems that it was really our last walk through the gardens.
Thank-you to Brian and Faye Minter for creating such a place in beauty in our community...
and for allowing us to enjoy it for more than three decades.
We treasure the memories!



  1. Oh, it certainly is beautiful with the fall colours everywhere, Judy. How sad to visit one last time. I'm so glad I got to see it too. I hope you have a beautiful day. Pam

  2. What a serene beauty is found in that garden. I shudder to think that such a beautiful place will be closed only to turn into a building, or a parking lot... I vote for a public park! There can never be too many of them.

  3. If it must close, it will be a crying shame so I am hoping that the Minters are making plans for something better than closing to happen. Sigh. A local apple orchard with many activities and such like was going to close after the owner died suddenly and too young. The widow hired a manager who has taken the orchards to great heights...they are doing more than ever before and have increased production and interest. She says it was the best idea she ever had. She had considered selling or just closing, but hiring the manager...great plan! Praying with you that people will continue to be welcomed to the gardens. It's such a beautiful spot on earth.

  4. Thank you for introducing me to the gardens, Judy. I had some delightful walks there. It's sad to see something so beautiful just disappear.

  5. Glad I was able to stroll through this beautiful garden with the girls...

  6. I posted my own last walk through the gardens a few weeks back at their Bloomin Celebration. I was filled with mixed emotions....and it was raining tears that day. Your day was perfect for an autumn's last walk along those pathways. Today is the 9th anniversary of our kids who were married there in the gardens. The 14th the gates will be closing at the gardens but many good memories of walks and celebrations will be remembered for years to come.

  7. We've visited Minter Gardens a couple of times over the years. A beautiful place and it's sad to hear that it's closing. I understand the reasons, but still. The memories will remain.

  8. Life is so full of changes, and I understand that is how it must be, but reading this post made me feel sad. It was a very nice tribute though, and I loved seeing each picture.

  9. So pretty...sorry it is closing. Glad you have so many lovely pics to remind you in years to come how special a place it was!

  10. It is such a shame with all the work that went into the gardens. I keep hoping its not true.

  11. I've walked these gardens with you and Kathy in blogland and I sense your saddness and great loss in the closing of this special place! Your pictures and memories will be treasured. So glad you had one more chance to see them.

  12. Such a beautiful spot, and how sad that it is closing.

  13. So sad to lose this precious place! Glad to see you visited on such a fine day!

  14. How perfectly sad and a crying shame that such a place of beauty should be closed. Thanks for sharing your memories Judy

  15. I really wonder what will happen to this place? Where will those figurines, the water wheel, the bridges etc all go? There are certain things one just thinks will go on for always. I wonder if some of the park will get incorporated into a nice subdivision.
    Living so close, you will especially miss it, but it's so good to remember the times we did have.

  16. I keep hoping someone will buy it and keep it open. It is so beautiful! Thanks for the final tour.

  17. My mom went today and sent me photos with captions like, "the last time sitting on this bench"…"the last time walking down this path"…she goes every week for a walk with friends through the gardens. I sure enjoyed being the tour guide for the tour groups that would come through (back in the 80's). Best time was when Malcolm Forbes (Forbes Magazine) came through on his "Capitalist Pig" tour with then minister of Tourism, Claude Richmond. Great memories…I REALLY hope that someone keeps it going.

  18. So glad you posted Minter in autumn. I saw it in summer; wish I could have seen it in Autumn as well.
    So sad to see it or any other public garden close. I know Canada supports the performing arts, I wish support could be managed for privately owned public gardens too.
    Our public garden is owned by the University. UBC are you listening?


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson