Wednesday, October 23, 2013

in charlottesville, virginia...

We spent the night at the KOA in this area...
and found out that right nearby was Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.
We've seen it many time before...
but always as an image on the back of the American nickel.

Now we saw it in colour...
so much better!
I tried 'mailing' this postcard this morning...
and had problems with blogger and Wi-Fi...
so let me try this again.
PS. We are now in the mountains of North Carolina...
where it might snow tonight!


  1. A pretty photo. Drive carefully on those roads. It might be slippery.

  2. I was wondering what happened this morning. Beautiful photo. So you are in Katie and Andrew's state now but they live right next to the coast...

  3. Judy, it's so fun to 'travel' with you!

  4. Oh, Monticello is a wonderful place to full of history and ingenuity and fascinating architecture. And those gardens...sigh...

    Enjoying your post cards as I am "traveling" with you this time. :)

  5. Oh boy... it's a real building and quite pretty in color. Stay cozy in your bed tonight. Snow!
    Enjoyed today's postcard.

  6. Snow? That's crazy. I certainly hope that the weather behaves itself.

  7. How beautiful Monticello is in real life, as seen from your photo. Much better than the back of a nickel! Ooh, snow. I hope for a little of the white stuff this winter here. Hope you stay cozy and warm in your motorhome.

  8. I wondered where we would be today? Traveling with you is so much fun! Monticello is an interesting place to visit, although I never saw it in the snow. Stay warm.

  9. Such a beautiful house. Have fun!

  10. So...when will you be in Georgia?

  11. Beautiful, in real! I guess it was still a photo for me, but a very good one!


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