Wednesday, October 2, 2013

knit together with love...

One had a sore throat and couldn't go to kindergarten yesterday.
Mommy had commitments.

And so she came to spend the morning with Grammy. 

Little sister came along...
it only made sense.

Maggie came wearing her favorite slippers.
I asked her whether she knew that Auntie Nellie made those slippers for her.

Yes...she knew that.
And she knew that Auntie Nellie was now with Jesus.

I found two little 'babes in a basket' for the girls to play with...
also made by Auntie Nellie.

She was their great aunt.

We are remembering  lots of Auntie Nellie stories here this week.

She loved to knit...
and she liked to give.

On Saturday we will share all our memories.
That's a good thing to do.


  1. Nellie's handiwork will be a sweet part of her memory for your family now. My grandmother used to make those same knitted slippers. Others make them now but when I see them, I think of her.

  2. I think I had one of those little baskets to put dolls in as well! Knit by my grandma, as well as the slippers! So glad you have a special person to celebrate! Take care.

  3. Thinking of you as you remember Auntie Nellie. Such a sweet post and memories for your little ones!

  4. Dear memories - and lovely that the little ones have something tangible to connect those memories to their Grandaunt.

  5. Yes, it's good to remember and good for children to experience these times, too. Sweet little knit baskets!

  6. This post touched my heart, how very sweet.


  7. Aunt Nellie was a giving person I see. How sweet for the girls to have these dear things and sweeter still the memories of a loving Auntie. Hope that Maggie feeling better.

  8. How wonderful that you draw the children into the remembering their great aunt in such visual ways. The slippers and doll beds are so grammaish.. perfect.

  9. Aw, that's so sweet. A lovely reminder to cherish the memory of a loved one. The baby basket is so cute. My aunt knitted heavy wool socks for us when we were growing up and then she knitted stuffed toys for my own children when they were little. I miss her. She never married and loved children so much. Good memories.

  10. Precious memories made with loving hands and given with a loving a lovely memory of a sister who was so loved.

  11. How lovely to leave treasured keepsakes behind! The slippers reminded me of the only knitting I have ever done. I used to make that same pattern. Perhaps I will search for it and make some more.
    A beautiful loving lady leaving beautiful loving memories for her loved ones. That's a Proverbs 31 woman. May we all strive to be so.......

  12. It's fun to have those special things from Aunt Nel for those dear little feet. You will always keep them, knowing they will bring warm memories to the family.

  13. So precious to have warm reminders of your dear sister-in-law. May special memories and God's peace fill your coming days.

  14. Treasured memories of a real special lady, are made even more special in the form of your precious granddaughter. I am sure you find every sign and memory of her, dearer to your heart than ever before. Adorable picture!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson