Sunday, October 20, 2013

of fog, flights, frustrations and flowers...

we have been reunited with our motorhome and are back on the road.

It didn't happen quite that quickly though.
Let me tell you!

Why did it not occur to us that if the sun is shining beautifully where we live...
 areas near the water are experiencing fog?
Thick fog...
that makes it impossible for planes to land or take-off.

We showed up at Bellingham airport on Saturday morning in plenty of time for our scheduled flight.
There were no planes coming or going.
The airport was blanketed in fog.
We waited...
hoping the fog would lift.
The flight was delayed.
And finally...
our flight was cancelled.
Everyone scrambled to re-book.
There were no other flights that would get us to Harrisburg that day.
Eventually we took a shuttle bus to Seattle and tried our chances from there.

In Seattle the fog had lifted somewhat...
planes were coming and going. 
At long last we flew Alaska Air to Las Vegas...
and from there we caught the red-eye flight to Philadelphia.
We cancelled the car we had booked in Harrisburg...
and booked another in Philadelphia.

By mid-morning today...
we were back at the beautiful White Oak Campground in Strasburg.
It was right where we wanted to be.
We just arrived a little later than planned...
and got there by a totally different route.
Oh...and a little tired!

We felt like we had run the Amazing Race...
and won!

Especially when we found a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for us at our campsite.

Our camping table has never looked so good!
Somebody knew that flowers have a way of brightening the day.
Thank-you so much!

Tomorrow we are driving south...
en route to the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.

The sun is shining.
The leaves are fabulous.
It's a very good day!


  1. Oh so happy to see you reunited with your home on wheels! What a sweet treat to see those flowers there, too, fog...

  2. I'm glad you boht arrived safely, Judy, and that you are both off on your USA adventure again! Any chance you will be driving through Colorado?

    1. No chance, Pat...not this time. We are hoping to avoid the snow on this trip. :) But I'm sure we'll be back one day!

  3. Glad you eventually made it back east again. Flight delays, cancelations...all part of so many business peoples lives. When all goes as scheduled...not that is something to talk about!

  4. I was thinking about y'all today! Happy you GOT there!! May your every mile be blessed! I'm already looking forward to the places 'we' will go!! Thanks for taking all of us along with you!

  5. OH so happy you won that leg of the race. May the roads less travelled be free of pot holes and continue to reveal gifts along the way.

  6. That was a hard journey...but now you are safely there, and have plenty more to enjoy. Safe travels!

  7. That would be so disappointing after all your planning but I'm glad it all worked out and you are on the road enjoying your trip. What a beautiful bouquet and campground too. Safe travels to you! Blessings, Pam

  8. O Judy, I'm so glad you guys got there... eventually! Travel hiccups can be so frustrating. I'm looking forward to seeing where you're going to take us on this adventure. Safe travels!

  9. What a perfect bouquet after a busy day...running the Amazing Race...and what a perfect ending. Surely you will enjoy the rest of your trip....Smiling here at all your hiccups.
    It's another good day for stairs.

  10. Oh someone is very thoughtful indeed! Everything looks beautiful and I'm sure that the Blue Ridge Parkway will be glorious. Sorry for your travel troubles. May that be the end of them!

  11. So glad you arrived safely. And what a sweet surprise! Enjoy your trip!!

  12. The fog is sure hanging around these parts. More today, although I see a sliver of blue sky out there now. So glad you arrived safely, if late. The flowers are very pretty - someone cares. Enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway!

  13. Love the flowers on the table!! Enjoy and be safe :-)


  14. Glad to hear you arrived to your cozy little home...and there was a cheery greeting there for you. I can almost feel the relaxation setting in.

  15. I think you'd do well on the Amazing Race! Love the nice surprise at the end!
    So nice to have a thoughtful friend nearby.

  16. I am so happy that you will be sharing more of your amazing photography along with the fun bits and pieces along the way. Hopefully, the rough part of the journey is behind you. Wishing you the best as you spend special moments of time together.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson