Thursday, October 24, 2013

a postcard from the blue ridge parkway...

For the past few days we have been traveling south on the Blue Ridge Parkway...
through Virginia and North Carolina...
along the ridge of the Appalachian Mountains.

The speed limit is 45 mph...or less...
so we have been taking our time...
and taking in the scenery.

We had no idea we would have snow in North Carolina...
but we did along the crest of the ridge today.

The foliage is amazing!


  1. You picked the PERFECT time of year to travel this area! It has been years ago - as in 25 or so - but I still remember how beautiful it was. I MUST take Louis Dean! I have decided NOT to take him to California! I think road trips to the Rockies and to the Smoky Mountains will be more up his alley. I read somewhere that the Rockies are so aloof and majestic while the Smoky Mountains just seem to say, "Come on, Honey!! Let us embrace you!!" Love how you share your travels with us! THANK you!!

  2. So beautiful! Enjoy and safe travels to you.

  3. Gorgeous! Those old Appalachians are so very different from your beautiful mountains!

  4. Oh my that is quite a beautiful view!

  5. Lovely autumn drive. Slow speed....good photos:)

  6. I can imagine how the foliage must look. Do you cups of hot chocolate to drink while viewing the
    mountains, and your warm blankets to snuggle in? What fun! Enjoy!

  7. Isn't that the most gorgeous country! We were there in October of 2011 and the views were breathtaking! Beautiful photo.

  8. My husband and I drove a section of the Blue Ridge Parkway this past May. It was wonderful then and looks simply spectacular now!

  9. Awe-inspiring scenery. We drove part of that route years ago, in the summer, and thought it so lovely. The slow speed lets you enjoy the ride. SNOW! I'm hoping for some, maybe in December.

  10. Beautiful fall colors....amazing views!!


  11. I'm so glad you saw some beautiful fall foliage in the mountains in the south!

  12. Such beautiful scenery. I feel like I should get out a map and start tracking.


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