Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a postcard from arizona...

We have yet to visit a national park that we were disappointed in.

Just off Highway 40 and along the old route 66...
in the northeast corner of Arizona lies Petrified Forest National Park.
It's a gem!

The terrain is amazing...
from prairies to painted cliffs to piles of  volcanic rock.
And wandering about in a 'forest' of petrified logs was quite an experience.

If you ever plan a visit to the amazing Grand Canyon...
why not travel a little further east and visit the petrified forest as well? 

We are in the Phoenix area now...
and soon on our way to California.

Have a terrific Tuesday!



  1. Hi Judy! As you pass through Phoenix on your way to CA, you will go right by near to where I live - I'll be thinking of you and praying for safe travels today. I wish we could meet up in person!

  2. We visited this park when I was a kid. (Grand Canyon too) Very picturesque.

  3. I have on my list of things to do getting my Golden National Parks Pass. I have to get to a National Parks location to get it. There is one near Dan so maybe by the end of the year I'll get that pass and start making some plans with Dear to visit more National Parks. Glad things are going well in your travels and you are seeing interesting things that God has created for our pleasure...

  4. Love going through the parks, especially now that my hubby qualifies for the Senior rate....FREE!
    Hope California weather holds up for you while your here :-)


  5. I have never been to AZ - although I have a nephew who lives there. Glad the government shut down ended before it affected any of your plans with the National Parks! It did affect mine when I was in CA last month. As pretty as all your pics in this post are - my very favorite if the one of your camper!! I so enjoy 'seeing' where you are!! I am enjoying your trip so much!!

  6. Beautiful scenery. The Petrified National Forrest would interest me. Happy trails to you!

  7. so glad you are enjoying all the sights!

  8. Wow - what a trip you're having! I'm taking notes - smile!!!

  9. Parks are wonderful places. So glad you are seeing so many. Travel on.

  10. Thank you for the great suggestion. I don't read many things about The Petrified Forest Park, but I know now to put that on my list. Safe travels to California.

  11. I love your photos from Arizona. I hope that one day, though, you'll have a chance to visit New Mexico. Santa Fe is beautiful, and White Sands has to be seen to be believed. I never knew what wonders the state held until my granddaughter spent four years there at university. xoxox

  12. Yes, the Petrified Forest is very interesting and very worthwhile just like the Blue Ridge Parkway was (near to my home.) What wonderful variety you are experiencing. I wish you continued safe traveling.
    Farm Gal in VA

  13. We visited the Petrified Forest many years ago and a trip to see family in AZ. It is a remarkable place! Did you also see the large crater near Winslow?


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