Monday, November 11, 2013

one last postcard...

As this Remembrance Day (Veteran's Day) draws to a close...
I am sending you greetings from southern Washington.
We will soon be home!

Just this morning we drove through northern California...
where Mt. Shasta reigns majestically whatever the season!

Tonight we are parked near another volcanic peak...Mt. St. Helen's.
We might just take a closer look before we leave for home in the morning.

To all those who have served our country throughout the years...
you are remembered in a special way today.


  1. Such a beautiful photo Judy. And I'm sure Mount St. Helen's is too. You have had quite a trip and I wish you safe travels today as you head home. Blessings, Pam

  2. Getting back into the mountain range you know and love best. It's a beautiful photo!

  3. That must be an amazing place to wake up to in the morning. I am thankful that God has kept you both safe through the thousands of miles. I am also thankful that you shared bits and pieces with us.

  4. Beautiful photo, Judy. Enjoy your last day on the road!

  5. Soon it will be home sweet home! Thanks for taking us on your wonderful photographic journey! I am sure we would never allll fit in that motorhome! So thanks for the tour via blogging! Drive safe!

  6. You have seen a lot! What a wonderful trip!

  7. By now you're probably Home Sweet Home - next to your beautiful mountains!! What a trip you've had - totally inspiring me....

  8. Safe travels and a welcome home, Judy. Beautiful postcard from the road.

  9. This is a beautiful postcard to leave us with! I am happy you are home but oh so glad you had a time away too.

  10. wow, sounds like a great roadtrip and you visited alot of states. That Wednesday evening, November 13th was when we had a cold from come thru from Canada that gave us the terribly cold weather and wind chils. We had a beautiful cold front sunset and we also had icicles the next morening.

    I am glad I fond your all your pictures.

    check out my blog if you get a chance, here is a link to that beautiful sunset. Sunset and Icicles


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