Monday, November 25, 2013

fly over canada...

While we were away touring the US of A...
our oldest two granddaughters had a birthday.
So we took them on a birthday outing this weekend!
We drove to Vancouver to take in the new 'FlyOver Canada' presentation at Canada Place.

Since their brother soon has a birthday as well...
he joined us!

We had lunch on the waterfront...
and then walked around Canada Place to the venue.

Though it is all just pretend...
one sees Canada from up above while soaring through the air in a flight simulation ride.
It comes complete with wind...and mist...and scents.

It was a first class flight.
I'd recommend it...
for all ages!

It's a great way to see our vast country in record time.
No RV required!

Spencer and Emerson ~ 12 years old
Ryder ~ soon to be eight

(Emme has a way of standing on tip-toes these days...
since it seems her twin sister has shot ahead in height lately!)

We drove through Stanley Park before returning home...
with a stop at Prospect Point.
Is it ever too cold for ice-cream cones?
Not according to the grands!
They enjoyed their cones.
We had coffee to keep warm.

We treasure time spent with our grands!



  1. It looks like such a great idea to enjoy with kids young and old. I am wondering if ours would feel motion sick. Having just seen the snow capped rockies from above I'm itiching to see more of our beautiful country.

  2. How special for all of you! Your grand girls are beautiful. It's cold in Texas right now and your grands would be comfortable in those warm looking parkas if they were down here right now.
    I noticed the ladies in the background behind your girls. Seems everyone has a cell phone these days! The camera on the phones do come in handy!! I hope if it snows here this season I can make snow ice cream. It has been a long time since I've done that!

  3. What beautiful grandchildren you have. The Fly Over Canada outing sounds like it was a resounding success!

  4. How much mist are we talking about? = D

    That just sounds so cool and so educational and amazing!

    Did the grands give it the same rave reviews?

    So enjoyed seeing

  5. Happy birthday kids. What a fun way to spend their special days. Such a nice photo of the 3.

  6. What beautiful grands!! How fun to spend a day such as that with them....create a memory....check!

    Hugs! Happy thanksgiving...thankful for you!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend time with the grands. You have created many special memories for them over the years. And who knows when you may actually be their tourist guide flying together somewhere.

  8. That sounds like the perfect place to celebrate those gorgeous 12 year olds and their adorable little brother! I'm with them on having ice-cream - anytime of the year!! Times treasured indeed.

  9. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time, Judy. Your grands are blessed to have grandparents like you...

  10. Your grandchildren are so sweet Judy. What a fun trip for you and them and to see this great exhibit. I would enjoy that a lot.

  11. You two sure do find interesting and fun adventures to take your grandchildren on. What a great idea to share the three. I cannot believe how grownup they are looking and so cute too! I have one twin who even at age four, is on his tip toes at times to be as tall as his twin:) I am with you on choosing coffee instead of ice cream, when it is cold.

  12. I enjoy hearing about the adventures you have with your grands! They are at such a fun age! I can relate with our oldest three... so easy to take laces and yet still young enough to play!

  13. How lovely to do that with the Grandchildren.

  14. Wow --the girls are twelve years old already! They are both beautiful, and Ryder is also handsome. This sounds like an exciting adventure ride!


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