Monday, November 4, 2013

a postcard from new mexico...

We are driving through the 'land of enchantment'...
as New Mexico calls itself ...
along Historic Route 66.

We explored Santa Fe...
which has the oldest public building in North America...
as well as the oldest church.

And we ate lunch at Casa Chimayo Restaurant in the old part of town...
after a local recommended it.
So good!

Who knew there was a Las Vegas in New Mexico?
We spent the night there.

My driver is still smiling...
though it looks like he has exchanged his RV for a '57 Chev.

Today we are following route 66 into Arizona.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. You are storing up some fun memories for sure. Have fun in Arizona!

  2. wow have been back eading such a great trip!

  3. Fun to follow you on your travels - you're certainly seeing a lot of country. I have to go back and catch up with you since we were away, too, although not nearly as far or for as long.

  4. How interesting...the oldest church in America. Thanks for smile produced by seeing the guy in the red car:)

  5. I'm taking notes here about all your wonderful RVing!! You are seeing such amazing things and travelling so far and wide!

  6. Thanks for the post card :) Your trip looks truly wonderful!


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