Friday, July 2, 2010

colorado rocky mountain high....

Though we have made many trips through the Canadian Rockies...

...we have never before been to Colorado.  

Well, that is not totally true...since I have flown through Denver on several occasions and so have spent an hour or two in the Denver airport.
But I somehow don't think the airport experience does justice to the state of Colorado. 

And so...we are planning a road that will take us through the Colorado Rocky Mountains...
maybe New Mexico...and on through southern Utah. 

This is where you come in.  If you have visited Colorado...and have a fabulous place or two you would like to recommend to us...we are looking for suggestions. 

My friend Pat has suggested we check out Pike's Peak and the cog railway...and also the red rock formations at the 'garden of gods' near Colorado Springs....along with some of the famous state parks.

A waitress at Whistler...who hailed from Colorado...said we had to see Independence Pass near Aspen.  
It happens to be one of the highest paved roads in North America.  
Oh...and she said that if we passed by Boulder...
we had to have breakfast at Lucille's.  
I like those kind of tips from people who have been there!

We'll definitely be visiting Rocky Mountain National Park...
and we'll see how that compares to our Canadian Rockies.  
But the rest of our road trip is still quite open to suggestion.  
I look forward to hearing about your favorite spots!

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." ~ Susan  Sontag. 

We are slowly working our way through the western states...

...and when our next road trip is done, Colorado and New Mexico will be coloured in as well!  
As for the eastern states...maybe one day. 
That is a long way to drive!

Wishing you all  happy, safe and patriotic weekend!


  1. What a fantastic experience, your country is so beautiful, I have only visited twice but really enjoyed those trips. Have a great time!

  2. We use to live in Colorado. There are many beautiful places. If you go to Garden of the Gods you won't be far from Glen Eyrie Castle. It is owned by the Navigators now and the history is very interesting besides being beautiful. You can take a tour and even make reservations for tea. the website is Have a fun trip!

  3. Oooh, enjoy - those Rockies are magnificent. We drove through there on our way home from Oklahoma about 11 years ago, so memory is a little dim, but I do remember driving those high passes and still seeing even higher mountains. It was incredible! We didn't stop much in either Col or NM, but wish we'd taken in the cave dwellings in southern NM, so if you get that far south..... Have a wonderful trip!

  4. No good tips, as I've never been to either place, but I will look forward to the great stories you'll post when you're home!
    Don't forget your yarn and hook!

  5. What I love best about Colorado in Summer is the flowers. They bloom throughout the mountains and are truly gorgeous.

  6. Wow you really get around! I've lived in the Western States all my life and haven't been to as many as you :0)
    Have fun...

  7. Wishing you a wonderul and safe holiday Judy!
    We loved our visit to Colorado and I think you will find many things to do and see.
    I love how you colored in the places you've been to.

  8. I live in Colorado. Unfortunately, I live on the plains..but we have a VERY nice view of the mountains and are only about 45 minutes from some fun day trips! :)

    You've gotten some good tips thus far as the northern Rockies, most people go to Estes Park. It's a nice town but there's always a lot of people there! (And it's currently burning in that area..haha).

    I think the best way to experience our mountains is to find the most winding road and follow it through quaint valleys and over tall mountains! :) really cool thing I did when we were kids was ride the Narrow Guage(sp?) Railway...there's two. and

    The 2nd is highest and longest scenic narrow guage railway :)

  9. It looks like the most wonderful adventure, and I'll take notes from you before we head that direction some day ourselves.
    You'll take your notebook. .right?

  10. I shall lean on your trip to Colorado for I've never been. I've seen it across the border, but never have visited. Have great fun! And I know that you will.

  11. If you are in the Colrado Springs area....and I am sure you will be....try and visit the Flying W! They feature a chuck wagon style supper with western entertainment. The wranglers not only serve the dinner but they ARE the musicians afterwards. Guitars, fiddles...the best western music around! We have included the Flying W on our trips to Colorado for over 30 years! Good EVERY time!

  12. Now why on earth would you only go to Southern Utah and not zip through SLC on your way home so you could drop by my place?

    Judy...I will be so hurt if you don't come by!

  13. We have friends that live in Colo. Springs and they love the Tomichi Pass area in SW Colo. I read a blog of a gal and her family in Durango, Co. and that looks like a beautiful place.
    Years ago I drove thru the Rockies then down to California....
    It is a beautiful place and you will have a great time taking pictures along the way and then posting them so we can oogle at how wonderful it is to travel to many great places.
    Be Blessed

  14. I have been following your blog for a month or so now, and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your daily posts. And, I enjoy the pictures too! Yours has been my number one blog of inspiration as I am struggling with how to set my blog up still--since I'm new to all of this. Anyway--just wanted to let you know how enjoyable your front porch is to me:)

  15. How exciting to see you plan for your trip. We don't always plan ahead..but sure enjoy the unexpected surprises along the way. I have just cycled through SD and so many events brought lasting memories to both of us. So leave some room for the extras...Happy planning!

  16. It will be fun to have you as our tour guide. From what I hear though, Canada out does our mountain scenery.

    That is the trip we are planning on someday! My friends tell me it is amazing!

  17. of the places I would definitely choose to live. I have visited this exquisitely beautiful state quite a few times. I have relatives and friends living in it. It is just as fun to be there any of the four seasons. As for some of our mentioned some of them already, Rocky Mountain State Park as one of them. Estes Park would be another. And, at the top of our list are the two guest ranches that my BIL has managed and hosted.

    We are excited to hear about this adventure and we are hoping for lots of amazing pictures.

    We are hoping you to see some of the Eastern states colored in someday:)

  18. You must go through Estes Park .My favorite place in Colorado.Go up Trail Ridge Road and see all the peaks of the mountains..

  19. Have a wonderful time. Go at a relaxed pace and find your own special places.

  20. Judy there are some wonderful National Parks in Colorado. The link to see information about them with links to their official web site is:

    I briefly visited the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park and hope to visit Mese Verde N P to see the ancient cliff dwellings,
    and The Great Sand Dunes NP someday.

    There are many upscale ski resort towns in the Rockies such as Vail, Beaver Creek, and Aspen. I've visited Vail and took the ski ride up to see the views.

    My son has visited New Mexico many times and would recommend seeing the cities of Taos and Santa Fe.

    You will have a wonderful time!

  21. when i was a kid, my dad rented a camper, the merry miler i remember it was called, and we took a road trip in the summer to colorado. great memories of that- i remember going to some rock mines and i thought the silver and gold in the rocks were really worth something!

  22. I visited Colorado last year. It was a great trip. Visited the dinosaur museum near Colorado springs which was cool, the Zoo on the side of the mountain in Colorado Springs (which has the largest herd of Giraffes in the country which is awesome cause I love them), The great sand Dunes which are magnificant to look at and learn about and ponder upon. There are so mant places that was a great place to visit in Colorado! Pikes Peak and The Graden of the Gods and The caverns and the castle also great places to visit. :) have fun! E in Ga

  23. No one has mentioned the Olympics place in Colorado Springs - many athletes live and work out there. I don't recall the exact name, but you'll find it!

  24. Hi! I just found your blog and i like it.


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