Friday, July 9, 2010

good reasons to celebrate...

It's July 9th once again...which always brings back memories of a certain July 9th back in the seventies...when all else was overshadowed by the arrival of our second son, Jeremy. What joy!

Also in the seventies...another family was rejoicing at the birth of their son on July 9th. For several decades he had his own celebrations...ones that we knew nothing about.  Since he joined our family...we have two birthdays to celebrate on July 9th.

Happy Birthday, Tim and Jeremy.  (You can be sure they are always cooking up something!)

Jeremy chose a most inconvenient time to arrive...way back when...and it seems his birthday often falls at an inconvenient time. There is no time for celebrating today...since there is hay to be made on the farm. But celebrations can wait...right? Let's try for Sunday!

And for tomorrow...Happy Fifth Anniversary to Kris and Lisa!

To all of you...

May you look back on the past with joy...
Celebrate today with laughter...
and anticipate the future with hope. 

Wishing you all many blessings...


  1. Aren't we blessed when there are more reasons to celebrate than there is time? I'll bet the delayed festivities will be lots of fun!

  2. So many wonderful celebrations going on at the same time in your family, Judy -- enjoy them all!

    Happy birthday Tim and Jeremy!

    Happy anniversary Lisa and Kris!

  3. They look like a fun pair and I'm sure they cook stuff up! Happy Birthday to them. We have a nephew who is celebrating his 18th birthday today and my sister and husband are celebrating their 22nd anniversary. Happy Anniversary to Kris and Lisa!

  4. Happy celebrating and God's blessings on your family.

  5. Happy birthday Jeremy & Tim!!!

    Happy birthday Kris & Lisa!!!

    May God bless you and your families this next year.

  6. Keep bringing your memories alive..How beautiful to see these days sneak by and it seems just like yesterday that he was born.
    Kris & Lisa look stunning.

  7. I agree with you, we are so blessed to have family to celebrate with. You always seem to make celebrations so much fun.

    Happy Birthday to Tim and Jeremy! And Happy Anniversary to Lisa and Kris!

    Hope you have a good weekend together.

  8. Birthdays and anniversaries! A celebration weekend :) Wishing them every happiness!

  9. It's always interesting to think about all the shared birthdays...we have lots of them in our family and I'm not talking twins, though you would be some of the time. What a beautiful bridal couple! Handsome bridal couple? Really nice...happy birthdays and happy anniversary as the case may be.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson