Friday, July 16, 2010

unexpected pleasures...

At times days just don't go as planned!

At times it is best to throw the plans out the window...
and go with Plan B.

At times Plan B is the much better plan!

  Yesterday was one of those days.

I had every intention of finishing the yard work...
of finishing the bookkeeping...
and doing all those things that need to be looked after before vacation.

I was plodding through my list...
when I got a phone call...
an invitation to join my uncles and aunts at Minter Gardens in an hour.

My mother passed away ten years ago this July...
and a few days before her passing we were together at Minter Gardens.

She has three siblings left...
and they (together with their spouses) were spending the afternoon at the gardens.

Of course I would join them!

I found them laughing it up in the rose garden.

We made our way from one park bench to the next... 

...and then attended the wedding to which we were not invited.

Impromptu weddings...what fun!

Though I'm sure the 'impromptu' was only on our part!

At Minter can attend a wedding any day of the week...
any time of the day.

So I spent my afternoon in a garden much lovelier than my own...
attended a wedding...
and had a lovely time visiting with my mom's siblings.

It was far better than what I had planned...
and I'm so glad I took them up on the invitation.

Aunt Marguerite from down valley...
Aunt Betty  from Saskatchewan...
and Uncle Jake who lives in this area.

Many of my uncles and aunts have passed on...
and so I appreciate my time with those who remain all the more.  

It was a good time!


  1. It's so true that plan B can often be better! I'm so happy you took the opportunity to share time and memories with your Aunts and Uncle, Judy. Minter Garden looked wonderful, as always.

    I'm doing some vacation planning, myself. It's time consuming but fun!

  2. What a wonderful and inspiring entry! We can all take a lesson from this and remember what is most important. Be blessed!

  3. What a wonderful day that turned out to be - memories and fun, nothing better.

  4. Now that was a perfect afternoon, and it was a perfect example of serendipity.
    I have a lovely memory of those gardens and look forward to seeing them again.

  5. Well, that was an invitation not to turn down! I'm sure past days were remembered, and more memories made. Dairymary

  6. A day in the garden should never be turned down, especially with such company.
    How fun to recognize Jake and Maggie - friends of my parents. I grew up calling them Uncle and Aunt, too.

  7. Those are the windows of time that we need to keep looking forward to...and we all know that the bookwork can be competed later at night or get up early the next day...
    I seemingly seem to have those days too, especially in summer.
    Make the best choices and feel blessed by your uncles and aunts.

  8. Thanks a bunch for taking photos of them! I'm so glad you could do this and wish I could have been there, too!

  9. One must be flexible in order to grasp these blessings. I'm smiling at your flexibility. You won't forget this day, but you probably would've forgotten the day you had planned.

  10. Judy;

    Thanks for the good wishes on our recent anniversary. Also, good for you for taking time to visit with your aunts and uncle. Sadly, we know they will not always be here for us to visit, but memories will last.

  11. What a wonderful interruption! Such great smiles they all have. You'll cherish this time Judy!

  12. I so admire you for taking the time to spend with your aunts and uncle.

  13. One of our daughters got married there that spot. I learned something from you today on this post....seize the moment.....and look at the blessing you all received and the special time you were able to share. Kathy

  14. I am so glad that you spent the day with your aunts and uncle. All of plan A can wait and will be there when you are ready to attend to it! As for family we never know when it may be our last visit! Your day together looks beautiful and I'm sure you are thankful for every minute you spent together!


  15. What fun Judy. I love those kind of great plan, just going with the flow of the day!

    Great photos, lovely gardens, and sweet family!!

  16. Wonderful! Minter Gardens are beautiful!

  17. What a lovely day!! You enjoyed yourself and you will always have the memory of time with your loved ones!!

    (You are killing me with those raspberry pictures below - oh my!! :)

  18. Work always waits. Plan B sounds much better to me. I can't think of anything better than time spent with these dear people and in beautiful gardens. I am sure it was as much of a blessing to them as to you.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson