Monday, July 5, 2010

a family camping trip 2010...

We just returned from a family camping trip along the banks of the Similkameen River...

...a trip which began on Canada Day and ended last our American friends were gathering for fireworks. 

It included good food...

...lots of time around the fire

...and time to play games...inside and out.

Lots of cousin time...
...and even time for a new hairdo or two.

Though the average daily high in July is 28°C/86° F...we had rather cool temperatures...and so we needed our jackets.  Thankfully we had a nice sunny day on Saturday...

...and a few even stuck their toes in the icy waters of the Similkameen River.
Yesterday morning we awoke to rain...and so we moved everything under the canopy for breakfast.  We were barely finished the meal...when Ryder asked very innocently..."What's for dessert?"  We all laughed...

...but Uncle Kris came through with breakfast dessert.  On a rainy July morning...fudgsicles seemed to be the perfect ending to breakfast...according to some!  I thought a nice warm mug of coffee seemed more appropriate.

A little rain...and a little cold never spoiled our camping trip.  Why...we think we will do it again sometime. 

Oh...and how many pounds of fresh Keremeos cherries do you think we managed to eat in three days?  I'll tell you tomorrow!

Have a great day...


  1. What a fun time! Our family trips are with our brothers and sisters these days, as kids too spread out and too busy to get away for weekends at the same time - lucky you!

  2. I'll bet those cherries were delicious!
    Fudgecicles for breakfast dessert? Sounds like a new family tradition.

  3. Your family knows how to enjoy happy times home or away. I like that Ryder. He's a guy after my own heart...I ate date cookies for breakfast. Seemed like a good idea for the morning after the party.

  4. That looks like great fun. I love the photos of the river and the dominoes collage especially.

  5. Rain or shine, we Canadians have to enjoy our summers. Looks like you had a fun few days.

  6. What a great looking time with family. Great photos Judy! I'm as confused as Anneliese is though about Colorado....

  7. Another weekend of memories...Family and cousins are something so special.
    I loved the last shot...Uncle K has great advice.

  8. The great outdoors, the mountains, the water and best of all those you love around you...what fun! This looks like a weekend that could be featured in a magazine. What precious memories you created for all of these special people.

  9. I'm going to guess 25 pounds and I bet that is low. We've done those cherry marathons before.
    It looks like you had a fantastic time. .even with the cool weather.

  10. It looks like a fun camping trip! We had unusually hot/humid weather this weekend so we had a quiet holiday inside enjoying our air conditioning.

    I think I'll try a fudgesicle for breakfast one day too!

  11. Beautiful setting for a camping trip!Just returned from our family beach trip. It is great having everyone together isn't it?

  12. I can remember camping with our boys and it being rainy or cool but they did not seem to notice. They were having a good time. I could have used a book and a blankie but not them. Looked like a wonderful place to visit.

  13. It appears you had a lovely time. Great images. Have a great day.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson