Tuesday, July 13, 2010

on this day....

It all began in Colorado...
where they met as they spent a winter at Capernwray Bible School...
near Estes Park.

She was American...he was Canadian.

She was a city girl...
he was a country boy.

He was young...
she was a little older and wiser.

A few years later...
on July 13th...
they tied the knot.

She became a country girl...
and a wonderful addition to our family.

There has been a lot of  'water under the bridge' since that day...
and they have always been there for each other.

Jeremy and Bronwen...
wishing you two a wonderful anniversary get-away today....
and God's continued blessing on your marriage
as you continue the journey!

It was a good thing...that started in Colorado way back when!
We're planning to see what other good things there are in Colorado...soon.


  1. What a wonderful story..I so enjoy knowing how people meet! Happy Anniversary to your country boy and city girl.

  2. You have a nice looking son and DIL. Love the masthead today. lavender?

  3. Good things happen in Colorado...one of my favorite places! Congratulations!

  4. Happy anniversary to Jeremy and Broni! May their anniversary day be as hot as the day of their wedding! and I suspect you're having fun being granny today...

  5. Wishing that handsome city/country couple a lovely get-away. What a sweet story - you never know what will happen when they go off to school!

  6. Ahh how sweet. Happy Happy Anniversary to them. Handsome couple.

  7. Happy Anniversary Jeremy and Broni!!
    God bless your marriage and family and have a wonderful day enjoying each other.

  8. the "older and wiser" DILJuly 13, 2010 at 8:16 AM

    Thanks Mom! I'm so thankful and blessed to be part of this family...you all became an awesome addition to my life. You raised an amazing son who I can proudly say is my "hubby"! Love you! Broni

  9. It's a good day to celebrate. What a nice looking couple. My daughter and her hubby, who met in Alberta at Agricultural College, also celebrate their anniversary today. Dairymary

  10. Lovely post and photo, what a pretty name too. daughters in law are so special!

  11. How do kids manage to meet out of country and bring their sweetheart "home" to live here? Do you realize they could be living in CO? Then we could both travel there and visit our kids. CO is a beautful place. Enjoy your trip... and Happy Anniversary to the cute couple.

  12. yeah, I'm sort of glad to have her around :)

  13. What a great story! Congratulations & many more years of happiness!


  14. Happy anniversary to Jeremy and Bronwen! They are a beautiful couple.

    I wish I was going to be in Colorado when you are there, Judy, but my next visit will probably be sometime in autumn. Enjoy your travels!

  15. I like that dress...I think it would go perfect with my skinny jeans.
    I love hearing stories like that and how there marriage continues on...
    So much to be thankful for.

  16. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple. Sounds like you are getting excited about your Colorado trip.

  17. Lovely couple, love it when the Lord brings husbands and wives together!!!

    Happy Anniversary to your kids!!

  18. Judy, I am so excited to read your post today. In fact I can hardly sit still. You see, so many people in my family and my extended family, including my daughter went to the exact same school in Estes Park, where your son and daughter in law met. We spent time there twice visiting her and have a real special place in our hearts for that school. In fact, probably someone from my family was probably there the same time these two were. So sorry to ramble on about this. It isn't about me...it is about these two good looking kids. Congratulations to them on their anniversary! So happy for them. So happy for me because we have something in common. Great post!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson