Thursday, July 8, 2010

fun with fotos....

A picture is worth a thousand words...or so they say!

But photos can be deceiving...showing only one part of the the big picture. And with all the 'photo-shopping' happening out there these days...we have a hard time believing our eyes.

Here is a photo of a sweet little guy...who happens to be near and dear to me...reaching into the box of a vintage pick-up truck.

And another...

... of him climbing a fence out on the back forty.

In reality...both photos were snapped very quickly outside a restaurant at Bridal Falls...while we waited for those who were settling up the bill inside. The restaurant has lovely murals painted on it's old walls...and I was surprised how my little climber fit right into the scene. It just got me thinking...about the stories pictures tell...and whether those stories are in fact real.

The real story sunny and hot!  We waited a long time for I'm OK with that.  

Enjoy the day...


  1. Cute photos!

    It's sunny and hot here too - and I'm ready to take it as well!

  2. It does always make we wonder what was cropped out. I do plenty of cropping with my pictures. I show what I would like the whole scene to look like ;0
    OH. .your little R is so cute.

  3. He fits right in.
    Summer has arrived here too - finally!....I think it is worth the wait!

  4. You caught a great moment. I was wondering how you figured that out.
    Enjoy the heat...To hot for Planks today.

  5. Sunny and hot indeed. I'll be getting my errands done early today :0)
    Great shots of that little guy blending in with the mural...

  6. I love the mural and your grandson just adds to it. So cute!

    It has been hot hear for a few weeks now as it tops 100 degrees. We could use some raindrops to cool it down a little!

  7. These photo's are and sunny in the UK too!

  8. Wonderful murals on the restaurant wall. Your little grand fits right into the scene so well!

    I don't mind heat but high humidity is not my friend. It saps the strength out of me so much that I've had to take it easy the past few days.

    Hope it doesn't get too humid where you are, Judy.

  9. Too cute! I love murals and am amazed at the detail that goes into them.

  10. Awww love the pictures! Adorable!


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