Monday, October 18, 2010


There's nothing quite like a fresh crisp apple...right from the orchard! 

We have one teeny tree in our garden...and enjoyed every apple...right down to the last bite.
But the last apple...and the last bite...are now gone.

And so it was quite a nice surprise to find our Kelowna relatives on our doorstep one morning last week...
the ones who live in an apple orchard...
and the ones who are so very generous with their most delicious apples.

They stayed for a cup of coffee...
and left us a box of apples.

This is where those apples were not so long ago.

Most of them are now in bins...bound for market.
It seems the price of apples has not been that good these past few years...
and many good apples are being juiced.

Over the weekend...I stopped by my friend's place...
knowing there was an apple juicing party in progress.
I thought I would see how it was done.

I arrived a wee bit too soon.
Bev showed me the truckload of Okanagan apples...
about ready to hit the juicer.
I think I would have been working on the assembly line if I had stayed any longer!
One of these days I'll be back to sample the juice.

Have an apple...they are not only good for you...but so good!
Oh...and be sure to eat the peel...that's where the best nutrients are found.

*Apple orchard photos compliments of Liz.


  1. The photo of the bins in the orchard took me back about 30 years when we used to take our holidays in September to help my Father in law pick apples in his Creston orchard.
    You're lucky to have relatives who share!

  2. Wowzers...look at all those apples Bev is going to be juicing!! Good thing you high tailed it outta there.
    How nice of your relatives to drop some by :0)

  3. It's funny..My parents always made an annual day in the fall to pick up was a highlight.
    I'm thinking about fresh apple crumble right now.
    Next thing I know...we'll all be back to juicing.

  4. That was a fun visit! Yum! Apples!

  5. oh boy ..I really need to go out and pick all our apples. . .thanks for the reminder.
    My parents went to Keremeos every fall for one day .. leaving us to fend for ourselves. They would return with fragrant fresh apples. .boxes of them. .which we had to eat in order . . .first to spoil to the longest saving.
    Bev. . .that is a huge load of apples.

  6. I think I need someone to drop by my place with a box of apples. Especially after falling off a ladder while picking apples in my neighbor's yard. Ouch! Let's just say the autumnal colors can also be found on my legs and elbows now.

  7. How wonderful to have relatives arrive bearing freshly picked apples. We picked some a few weeks ago and are still enjoying them. Last night it was butternut squash/apple soup and later this week it will be apple crisp.

  8. Fresh apple crisp....oh I would love one tonight after supper. How fun that you stopped by to see Bev getting ready to process her truck load of apples. I think we should all go there one night this winter for hot apple it a girls night out!

  9. We love apples and have been trying many different varieties this year. I wonder why prices are down for the orchard owners when the price of apples is high in the stores?
    Glad you have a nice supply from your relatives, Judy. Happy baking!

  10. Yum! Can you believe I've never had an apple just picked from the tree. They must be delish!

  11. You have kind, generous family members. I can only imagine how delicious those apples will be when you are finished baking with them. I agree with you, the apples are a perfect, healthy addition to the fall season.

  12. How nice to have family members who love to share fresh from the orchard apples with you. I was sorry that the price of apples is not so good right now and that so many good apples are going to juice. I have heard of the Okanagan before...I've heard that it is the most beautiful country on earth...

  13. I've been thinking about making an apple cake..... now I can't wait to get to the store! Apple growers everywhere owe you!!:-)

  14. Beautiful photos! We visited two apple orchards when we were in the Smoky Mts. recently - and b ought delicious apples. They just didn't last long enough! We love apples anyway you prepare them, but they're best raw!

  15. Thanks for stopping by with your grandson, Judy - I'll be by your place one of these days with a jar of juice for you. The funny thing is - we forgot to keep back any apples for eating. When I went to get an apple for my salad I found only one left!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson