Wednesday, October 27, 2010

cranberry delight...

The cranberry harvest is well under way in our area.
Our province is the largest producer of cranberries in Canada...
but until recently we haven't seen many cranberry fields in our area.

That's all changing!

Where horses roamed not long ago...
a farm just down the road from us has been planted in cranberries.  
All summer I watched as they kept the new seedlings moist.

One day I walked into the field for a closer look...
to see what young cranberry bushes look like. 

It will be at least three years until the first cranberries arrive... these gals told me.  
They were representing the cranberry growers...
and giving out samples of craisins at a food fair I was at not so long ago.  
And they were standing in a sea of cranberries!

On Sunday we drove out to a field just across the river from our place.....
.and brought home a bag of cranberries that had just been picked. 
They don't come any fresher than that!

Today we are enjoying cranberry orange scones
Cranberries are now a local delight!


  1. Cranberries....hardly known about here! I buy a jar in UK to make Cranberry sauce for the turkey at Christmas.
    I once saw a photo of Cranberries growing in what seemed to be almost a that right?

  2. Ho appena scritto un post sui Cranberries... lo puoi trovare qui:

    Ciao, un saluto

  3. Would you be willing to share the recipe for the scones? They look delicious and I am trying to learn to like cranberries! :)
    Thank you!

  4. I'm pretty sure that cranberries are grown on the Island too. I love the tart sweetness of fresh cranberries - and craisins in a salad are delicious.

  5. Linda...I posted the recipe on my recipe blog and linked to it. Enjoy.

  6. That's pretty cool...we have a lot of cranberry bogs around here. It should be a boon to business and cranberries are delicious and healthful! I'm sure that those scones are especially so... Would I find that recipe at MGCC?

  7. Cranberries and oranges are a match made in heaven. Just last night I was thinking about the cranberry orange nut bread that I like to make this time of year. I was wondering if the cranberries had showed up in the grocery stores yet. How wonderful to have cranberries growing so close to you. Thanks for sharing your scone recipe. You can be sure I will be trying it.

  8. I'm heading over to get that recipe. I love the flavor combination of cranberry and orange.

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  10. I LOVE craisins! and am so sorry that they aren't selling the orange-flavored ones in our grocery store anymore. Guess I'll have to either try out your scones recipe - or ask you to make them next time I visit! I'm sure this would far excel the cranberry-orange muffin I had at Starbucks last week... Now, can you explain to me why they are so shiny in your first picture?

  11. I'm sure your valley climate is good for cranberry growing, and as their use become more popular they will be a good cash crop.

    I've always loved them, prepared both tart and sweet.

    Cranberry and orange scones sound irresistible! Thank you for another good recipe, Judy.

  12. We have lots of cranberries around here - cultivated and wild. I buy them by the bag full and pop them in the freezer. I mostly use them for cranberry sauce but your scones look very tempting too.

  13. PS - just checked the recipe out - and I happen to have buttermilk on hand. I'm going to try them right now. Thanks Judy!!

  14. Oh Judy how I love them. I saw cranberry fields when I was in Penn. in the US a few years ago. I bought cranberry soap, and yes craisins are so wonderful in salads. Your scones look absolutely delish.

  15. Oh my those scones are making my mouth water!

  16. Orange cranberry scones are my favorite! I can buy them at Trader Joe's....but I bet your's freshly baked are even more delightful.

  17. Those cranberry scones look yummy. I would love to have the recipe too. Cranberries always remind me of Christmas, thanks for sharing.

  18. Looks yummy! I know cranberries are good for you, but I have never eaten them. I do, however, drink their juice!

  19. Cranerry raisin scones...yum. Don't you love the shrieking red colors of the fields (we call them barrens) when they flaunt their autumn colors?

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  20. Cranberries..they are the best and so good for us too!
    The scones are calling me..

  21. It is interesting to me that each area of the country has it's specialties, and cranberries are one of yours. I never saw a cranberry plant, and being able to buy fresh cranberries is a real treat. Your orange/cranberry scones look so good. I can't wait to try them.

  22. I drove by the cranberry fields every day but have not made the time to take a closer look. Thanks for doing that for me - I will have to drop by there.


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