Friday, October 1, 2010

it's harvest time...

Things are busy here on the farm these days.

All the grass fields are down......and waiting to be put into the barns. 

On every farm in the neighbourhood...

...the grass lies neatly in rows.  
Do you have any idea how good that smells?  
We won't be talking about how things smell around here next week...
but for now, we can breathe deeply!

 The corn harvest is underway as well...
and at this time of the year we are always most grateful to friends who know how to drive truck...
and are willing to lend a hand...often until late at night.  
Sometimes they get 'meals on wheels' out in the field...
other times we have a picnic on the patio. 
We hope that if we feed them...they might come again!

While the guys are harvesting...I'm planting.  
I pulled out all my summer annuals yesterday...
I picked up five flats of winter pansies to replace them. 
They will bloom for awhile now...but mostly I enjoy them in early spring.

I took this photo on my way to the garden shop yesterday afternoon.  
Here's what I noticed...
the snow that covered the peak of Mt. Cheam last week is gone. 
Is there any chance we might still make it to the peak this year...once the harvest is over? 
It's a thought...and a good one!

And, speaking of Mt. Cheam...
I just had to add this photo of the 'harvest moon over Mt. Cheam'.  
The photo came as an e-mail forward...
and was apparently taken by a valley resident named Scott Secord.  
I wish I could take credit for's an awesome photo! 

Nature's music is never over;
her silences are pauses, not conclusions.
~Mary Webb

Have an awesome weekend...


  1. What a beautiful post to kick off my Friday! I love reading about your life!

  2. I can almost smell that grass, from your photos. I'll bet a lot of your friends will 'work for meals' at your place!
    Great photo. I saw that moon last week and was stunned - achingly beautiful.

  3. Similar thoughts and similar photos in our hearts...I just thought that I had my photos in the wrong order when I opened your blog and realized I was not looking at my own.
    How perfect for the farmers.

  4. Thank goodness you didn't take credit for it because I was about to get very, very jealous. Ha! What a beautiful photo. Enjoy this season before the other aroma arrives, hope you get to climb Mt. Cheam before the snow flies again.

  5. As we were driving down the freeway yesterday .. we saw many field like yours. . and I noted that 'my' photo field was cut as well. . .so gorgeous.
    OH. .if you decide to take that climb. . .call!

  6. I can close my eyes and smell the freshness. Your home and land always evoke feelings of good and peace for me.

    And, that harvest moon photo is awesome. It was pretty here, too.

  7. Loved all your photos of Harvest in your neck of the fields :0) I enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass. That other smell you are anticipating...not so much!

  8. Love the country air smell! And yes, I've been to Chilliwack and smelled the dairy air too! All excellent photos, but that harvest moon shot is excellent!

  9. Beautiful post and the pics were wonderful! Looks a bit like where I live now. By the way, I added you to my blog roll! ;-)

  10. Welcome October! It IS a beautiful time of year and your field and mountain pictures are inspiring!

  11. Your photos are so beautiful, Judy! I have to travel far to see such beauty as you have in your own yard, but isn't it wonderful that the same bright harvest moon shines over all of us?

    I do hope you get a chance to climb up Mt. Cheam before the heavy snows arrive.

  12. The smell of freshly cut grass is the best essence of summer in farming land. (other essences - not so much)
    Beautiful photos, Judy.

  13. As I was driving into town today I saw the combines out cutting the corn stalks down. Should have had my camera.

  14. A beautiful post for this first day in October. The sights of your harvesting operations are so peaceful and I am just imagining how good it smells over there right now. You cracked me up with your comment about the smells next week.
    The photo of the harvest moon is lovely. I hope you are able to climb Mt. Cheam.

  15. A great post Judy, depicting life here in our end of the valley. Fall is definately here even though summer's been reluctant to leave. That's okay - it means you might get that last hike up Cheam.
    That was an amazing photo of the moon shining on Cheam's peak. Thank you for sharing that and kudos to Scott for catching the moment with his camera.

  16. I love the smell of the freshly cut hay. The corn field by work was coming down this afternoon and I know that means some unpleasant smells are on the way for next week lol

  17. You sure live in a pretty place! I would love to live in the country, but my hubby likes the convenience of town. So, there you go...but I can dream!

  18. It all looks divine But I am sure there is lots of hard work.

  19. Love looking at your farm this time of year Judy, everything shouts HARVEST!!! Enjoy the fruit of your labor (when it's all done).


  20. I enjoyed reading through your blog. :) We are right in the middle of harvest here too on our farm. Stop by and say hi. :)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson