Monday, October 4, 2010

enjoying the season...

It was a busy weekend...with harvest on the farm and all that goes with it.

  But the sun was shining...
it felt like summer...
and I even played a little tennis and rode a little bike.

And yesterday...
I took one final stroll of the year through our local show garden.
It's an ever-changing work of art...
a feast for the eyes!

Last night we hosted cousins (term used loosely) from Germany for dinner.
They are on a cross-Canada tour...
and skipped Whistler to come pay us a visit.
I'm hoping they won't regret missing out on Whistler!
Here's the funny part...they speak no English.
We...speak VERY poor German...
though we could understand them quite nicely.
We had a nice visit!'s back to work!


  1. It's amazing how language difficulties can be sorted out! Glad you had a nice visit with your cousins.

  2. How wonderful that you could understand them!

    Wish that you'd link up to Mosaic Monday with this truly beautiful mosaic.

  3. That would be me too. .let them talk .. I'll listen. For me. .it seemed like when I went to my grandparents as a young child. I was doing a lot of listening and no much speaking was required in my huge group of cousins.
    It looks like it is beatufil at Minter.

  4. I can just imagine all of you talking with your hands and smiles - there was surely lots of communication!

  5. The sun is peaking out and I hope you get the rest of your work completed...Call me next time...I could of translated...How much fun..but I'm sure they were so astonished by your beautiful place and your lovely hospitality.

  6. That must have been one fun visit :0)
    Loved the shots of Minter Gardens...

  7. Lovley photos!
    I love to hear another language spoken even if I don't understand seems so lyrical to me, maybe just because it's new to my ears?
    Good food, good family and good friends can always make 'difficulties' fade away :)

  8. With a visit to Minter Gardens and a visit with you they had a good trade off. I'm sure , with your harvesting, you've been busy, but what a beautiful time of year to share with visiting relatives!

  9. The local show garden is so lovely and your photos captured it beautifully, Judy!

    I'm sure your German cousins had a wonderful time enjoying your hospitality. Mountains can wait, families cannot!

  10. It's amazing how much communication can take place with gestures and smiles.

  11. Loved the pictures you posted today. With our nice weather it is good to take the time to enjoy the outdoors.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson