Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Space long last!

The year was 1962...and though I was but a child...I remember hearing all about the amazing Space Needle.  At that time it was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River...and hoped that I too might one day visit this icon.

The days and years came and went!  We passed through Seattle often on our way to points south...or made it as far as the shopping malls...but never took the time to be authentic tourists in Seattle. 

It finally happened!  We picked two of the loveliest fall days on record...took along good walking shoes...and did what the tourists do when they visit Seattle. 

We visited the Space the brilliant sunshine...and enjoyed the views of the city and out across Puget Sound.  We could see the Cascade Range, the Olympic Range, Mt. Rainer, Mt. Baker and Elliot Bay.  In fact...we enjoyed the views so much...that we decided we would come back a little later...and check out the changing scenery as the sun was setting.

We were so glad we did!  If you ever have a chance to watch the sun set from the observation deck of the Space Needle...some 520 feet in the sky above Seattle...don't miss it! 

Another legacy of the 1962 World's Fair is the Seattle Monorail...the nation's fastest full-sized monorail...a fully self-sufficient public transit system.  We checked it out...making two round trips from downtown to the Space Needle. 

Our driver seemed most relaxed about her job...zipping down those tracks in no time.  Oh...and we shared the train with a horde of Sweet Adelines who descended on the city for a choir festival this week...and broke out in song wherever they happened to be.  It was musical ride...not the Canadian kind though.  They made it most interesting!

Tomorrow...I'll take you to Pike Place Market. 

 Have wonderful day...
and if it happens to be your birthday today...
may it be extraordinarily special!


  1. The last time I was an authentic tourist in Seattle was for my high school graduation. My brother and sister in law took my boyfriend and I to Seattle for a day trip. I probably didn't even take a camera along. . .so it's safe to say. . I need to see that view once more.
    You had the perfect weather ..fantastic pictures.

  2. The Space Needle is that old? Good heavens! Time does go by... Sweet Adelines didn't make the ride perfection? Just "interesting." I know what that word really means. Ha!

  3. Your photos are just glorious Judy. God really blessed you with the perfect time at the Needle. I'm posting one of my view this morning when I took Dear to work! Yikes! I was there and back by 6:00 am
    Looking forward to your market pics!

  4. Looks fun but I think I'll keep my feet on the ground:)
    Great photos Judy...I love seeing them through your eyes!

  5. Your photos are fantastic....they could be in a magazine! Can't wait to see what else you have to show us.

  6. What fabulous photos Judy! I think the daytime and sunset views from the Needle are spectacular.

    I am surprised you could get so close to the monorail driver --security is so tight in NYC that would not be possible here.

    I do know someone ( a blog friend)celebrating a birthday today who happens to be going through a very sad time in her life. Could you, and all who read this, say a prayer for strength and comfort to her? I'm sure God will know who she is. Thanks!

  7. I was eight years old the year the Needle was opened and the World's Fair. My next door neighbor who was a whole year younger than me got to go and told me about eating in the Needle as it slowly revolved. I was and still am jealous. Someday...someday...I will have my chance too.

  8. I'm glad you got to go to Seattle, Judy. We've been there so many times over the years and love the city. If you are still there or plan to go again be sure to take in the Underground Tour that starts from Pioneer Square. You won't regret it! It's a fascinating and often hilarious walk through Seattle's history.

  9. Hi Judy - Glad you were able to make the trip up twice and enjoyed it so much. I was there in 62 with a CYO group of teenagers and I remember the paper cups of coke cost an astonishing 17 cents! We slept in a church hall and were given a box lunch for the two days we were there...a good thing because food prices were so high! I remember a group of us couldn't afford to go up to the top because it cost $1.00 or $1.50 for the ride.I've been there several times since and may do a post on the 6 or 7 months that I slept on board a ship with a view of the Space Needle. thanks for the inspiration - stay tuned...

  10. Looks like a fun time! I have a SIL who lives in Renton, WA. We keep saying we are going to visit there. Your post makes me want to go TODAY!

  11. Beautiful pictures, I have never been to Seattle but my sister visited about a year ago and said it was beautiful. One of my dear friends lives there and loves it.

  12. It's been years that I've been in the space needle..Seattle is so close by...but I guess many times we work with the dollar and this week the sun and the dollar were both well earned for you.


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