Saturday, October 27, 2012

a postcard from Weed, California

And the best view of the day...

...the gas station in Weed, California!

The miles rolled by...
and we were quite engrossed in an audio book as we passed through southern Oregon...
and on into mountains of northern California.

It seems the driver paid no attention to the fuel gauge...
until a warning bell chimed on the dash.

The fuel tank was EMPTY...
and GPS Jane told us it was 16.9 kilometers to the nearest petrol station...
in Weed, California.

Could we make it?

We drove on fumes...
and prayers...
and finally rolled ino the service station.

We still can't believe that happened to us!
He is always most attentive to the fuel levels.

Once we were gassed up...
we noticed the lovely Mt. Shasta looming above us.

If you ever decide to visit Weed...
come with a full gas tank...
and check out the beautiful mountains nearby!


  1. Mikki hiked that mountain this past summer...that place has many memories for her. Looks funny about you gas tank...usually you have about 50 km to go when the bing light goes on....sitting in YVR...did not feel any earthquake.

  2. That was a close call!! I am wondering what audio book you were listening to that was SO good you lost track of the fuel gage!! Now THAT'S what I would call a GOOD book!!!!

    Beautiful picture! Thanks for the post card! We've been watching for it!

  3. My husband often drives on fumes, Judy, which I find quite disconcerting! he always claims we have three gallons left...lol1 Out West it is better not to let the fuel tank empty too often as gas stations can be spares in soem areas. Gla dyou found one in Weed!

    PS: Did you feel your area's earthquake today? We are anticipating a very bad hurricane to coem ashore tomorrow--it is making me nervous!

  4. Glad you got to a gas stop in time! Mount Shasta is really beautiful. Enjoy continued safe travels.

  5. Happened to me once.... "-(

    Nice photo of Shasta...
    What book are you listening to ?

  6. I know that feeling! We once headed for the bridge from PEI to NB early on a Sunday morning, with an empty tank. Do you know, at that time, there was only one gas station that opened on Sundays back then? I don't know how we made it - like you, I guess it was fumes and prayers.

  7. funny to hear it after the fact. I suspect your driver will be paranoid about gas levels from here on.
    I am pretty sure we stopped in Weed one time during a torrential rain storm...wanting to wait it out...and have some supper. Can't remember what happened once we got there.

  8. LOL! Good to see the snow on the mountains and not on your road!

  9. You must have really been engrossed in that book. So glad you found gas before you had to walk! Lovely photo of Mount Shasta. It's really looming over that gas station.

  10. We too have driven into many a service station in the same fashion... on wings of prayer. Not quite sure how valid those prayers are when we have not been paying attention, but what a relief to see that sign!

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  12. I could so relate to your gas story and I smiled as I read how the others could too. I remember clearly the praises I sang when we actually made it to the pump.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  13. Oh the pure relief of making it to the pump at times like you had. We do know it too. Would you have shared this post if you had not made it to the pump? Just wondered? Have a wonderful time on your trip.

  14. This happened to us one time back in the 70's. I wanted to get out and kiss the gas pump I was so happy to see that station open!!

  15. How amazing! I'm loving your postcard...what a great idea to post while you're away! HAVE FUN!

  16. Oh Judy! I'm so glad you made it to Weed. I can visualize the town. So many trips south from Seattle to L.A. My kids thought the name of that town was so funny (oye). Blessings on your relaxation!


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