Wednesday, October 24, 2012

not everything is black and white...

Not everything is black and white...
though I often tend to see things that way.

It was hard to see anything but vibrant colour...
on my last visit to the garden shop. 

Red barns...
and snow capped peaks.

More fresh snow is arriving up there daily.

This is what I call the 'circus of autumn'...
beautiful colours to enjoy for a short time.

Across the road and just down the way...
the cranberry harvest is almost done for the year.
The 'red sea' of corralled cranberries are waiting to be sucked up into the waiting shipping container.

We've had a lot of colour over here this week...

...between the rain storms.

not everything is black and white.

But black and white is still good!


  1. Much better than the usual ending to "not everything is black and white..." The colors are so perfect there. You must be in peak color. And the mountains already white with snow are just a hint of things to come. You've revealed a lot about yourself in this post...I like that!

  2. What beautiful photos. You live in a lovely location. I always enjoy your posts!

  3. You've captured your valley so beautifully. All that colour, after a glorious August and September is such a treat. I look forward to seeing those mountains again in early December!

    1. I'll be close to home in December. Maybe we can meet up as you pass by! It's been awhile.

  4. I swear those photos look professional...great job! I would love to step into that color today!


  5. Love, love these photos Judy. Love the red barn and the train shots. Gorgeous!

  6. Isn't it wonderful that our world is not all black and white? I'm so glad God created colour. These are all stunning photos of your valley, but my favourite is the willow tree with the rain clouds.

  7. Wonderful views of of the beauty around you Judy! I had to chuckle right now as I re-read my comment and edited it. know where my mind is...

  8. Great photos and great minds thinking simultaneously. Grabbing every Kodak photo right now brings pleasant memories that we almost missed fall and went straight into winter...
    Don,t detour too far from you black and the long,s worth it!!!!

  9. We stopped yesterday and watched some of the cranberry sucking. Great pictures!

  10. Beautiful, beautiful photos, Judy. What a lovely collection....wish I were there to see it all in person! A cranberry crop would be a new experience for me and I LOVE cranberries! Thanks. Farm Gal in VA, USA

  11. Love this - your black and white theme is great!! Isn't autumn just the most beautiful? Even tho' it is so short lived.

  12. Love the color and the black and white! Great pictures!

  13. Judy, Judy, Judy, (Cary Grant LOL, it's so good to be back in blogdom!!! I've been away too long, enjoying re-connecting with my blogging peeps!

    Oh my goodness, your photos are outstanding!!!! The Fall colors so beautiful...we have a little of the white stuff too, tis the season, eh?

    Have a great weekend!

  14. The beauty of autumn is the most fleeting of all seasons, Judy, and you capture dit so well in your photos. I loved the lighting in the weeping willow tree photo!

    My daughter's neighborhood in Colorado had 5 inches of snow today! If I were there I'd be showing apreview to winter! :)

  15. What a wonderful post, and what a good reminder that it takes all sorts, all colours, to make up our world. Thanks, Judy -- In the midst of all the political hurley burley, I needed that! :o)

  16. You are a most gifted blogger and your photography is exceptional!!! Black and white is good, but I am so thankful for the colors that God blessed us with.

  17. Judy,
    The pictures are glorious! Wow.
    I'm kind of a black and white person, too.

  18. The oclors are amazing but I'm thinking too that black and white is good.. especilaly when it's your bread and butter.

  19. great post, Judy - and colourful pictures to accompany it. Safe travels!


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